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  1. Got this problem again since 1.5 hours, annoying
  2. So i bought the Zulrah script for 15$ and suddenly i cannot run it anymore because i get this message. I am only using one instance, one account, one client open. So far ive tried restarting my computer, closing all java processes and i also tried deleting the .tribot folder. Nothing helped, i cant run the script i bought
  3. Discord: Supjan#3301
  4. Braw

    selling 900m osrs gold

    Austrian (not Australia) Bank btw
  5. Selling 900m osrs gold. I want bank transfer as payment method. Paypal only from trusted users. EDIT: I have 1.2b to sell right now
  6. i get an error here and the syntax looks so wrong to me here aswell, like 3 opening brackets and 1 closing? I imported the same classes as the OP did in his source
  7. Need only 1 bond, tell me your price If you are trusted i will go first
  8. I am buying 4m ( for bond), i pay with paypal. If you're trusted i will go first.
  9. I would rather trade via tribot forums
  10. going first with somebody who is trusted
  11. Hi, ive used this script for a year i think but now it is not working anymore. For example when i stand at yaks and want to choose the monsters that i want to kill the GUI doesnt show anything, when it should show me Yaks. Also doesn't show potions or food in my inventory and when i try to "update training spot" it shows the coordinates -1,-1,-1. Also when i load my saved settings the scripts automatically ends.
  12. Why is tribot such a pain in the ass to use.
  13. Buying credits is a fucking pain in the ass. Payment methods are extremely limited.
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