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  1. FC has one. I cnt remember the thread to link it. Try searching its pretty nice
  2. Oh u duck -,- Super effective, just like that website you advertise or own or whatever no hard feelings
  3. get the rectangular bounds of the spell and just click dat. It's easier
  4. There's an interface for select spells to autocast (I cant remember what it is). Just try the Interface explorer and u'll find it eventually. Or you can simply make a rectangle of the spot u want to click after you goto dat select spell tab
  5. bad af. very high cost. Dont do it
  6. you need to package your scripts properly in separate folders i think
  7. Look at the game a little, you'll see a lot of possibilities
  8. Simply just specify a tile you know is safe and travel to it until the player isn't under attack.
  9. banned using private scripts
  10. 10 wc bots
  11. It will wait until the timeout is completed or the condition returns true(Whichever comes first). Then move on