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  1. @Aropupu All the way to 89 now, going to keep this proggie going, also been using breaks since i started. Flawless. Also edited incase jag try screw me over
  2. @Aropupu 87 mining now, started from 50, still not flagged from what i can tell, amazing script. Aslong as you don't do it in common places it seems fine.
  3. Is the problem where it keeps attacking the target it's pickpocketing fixed?
  4. it always clicks attack, there's an option "Always right-click" which would help, could just make it an option to left click? so it pickpockets instead of having to rightclick then pickpocket?
  5. Just tried buying 20 credit - refunded me instantly, tried 10 credit, refunded me instantly, whys it not working? Edit: Just noticed other people having the same issue, contacted a mod.
  6. Only used this for ~10 hours before it logged me off and got perm banned. Was botting iron and banking it at east bank of varrok, other than that - great script!
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