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  1. Not using proxy when trying to buy.
  2. Just thinking about the 'fraud' thing that pops up when I try to buy pro.. We're 4 brothers, where all accounts has been locked for payment, because we use the same card over and over again, all 4 of us. We yet have different tribot users, to support you for your amazing bots. Why lock us and our credit cards out of it? Best regards Perfectius.
  3. Flawless script, still working amazing. Though, the runtime, xp/ph etc. dissapears, and only appears randomly within intervals of 20 seconds, and it appears for only maximal 2 seconds. Any way to make it stay there? Have to aim for printscreen to get a picture of the runtime and xp/h.
  4. This is like 2 hours of questing.. if you got several accounts, I can do em all at the same time. Feel free to shoot a PM tho.
  5. Though you can't sell food and rebuy at that guy anymore? Thanks mate
  6. Can you still do this? I though they removed that?
  7. When afking at bandits, I would want a script that eats at ca. percentage hp, and teleports with house tab when out of food. If possible, also rebank (House tab, glory from house to al-kharid, restock, carpet to bandits.) Could anyone make this for me? Higly preferred with ABCL!
  8. Stucks at 3rd jump in seers, until I move camera myself. Also doesn't pick up marks of grace.
  9. Thanks dude, works flawless! Proggie coming soon If this ain't too much work. If 2 or more skeletons attacking, could you make it toggle run? No matter how much run% left. This will save a lot per trip.
  10. Thats 1300xp per hour? When I do it legit i'll get about 10k. @charliepower I'm one of the few F2P.
  11. Hey there Script name: Boneyard Bury What does the script do? Well, simple, walks to boneyard in the Wilderness, picks up bones, bury them. One by one. Which means; I've tested several scripts, they all loot a full inventory before burying. I want this to bury after each pick-up. What is needed in the script? Death walk(Its wilderness...), re-equipping 3 items that is kept upon death, eating food, rebanking when out of food. (Trout/salmon support). Pick-up for normal bones, and big bones. Prioritize big bones. ABCL 10+ if poss, with random mouseclicks here and there. Is this anything anyone could bother to make for me? Love.
  12. Perfectius


    Cooks Assistant - Bugs at walking towards windmill, goes into sheeps and tries to walk out, walks back in etcetc. Bugs at making the pot, stops at middle floor. Rune mysteries - Bugs at start if NPC is outside of room, talks to him halfway, then clicks minimap into room. Bugs at walking towards Seridor (From lumbridge, right outside castle) Bugs at talking to Seridor 1st part, goes halfway into chat, then starts over. Bugs at walking towards wizard tower, from Aubury. (right before varrock south gates)
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