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  1. @kylezell no problem
  2. @Kyle_1995 i forgot to take them out Oops :/
  3. @Mark i really appreciate it thanks man :D and i have implemented a few things from the antiban class
  4. Hi my name is NvoX(Sam), I am an Apprentice Programmer/Web developer in real life. The main languages i focus on is Php, HTML, AJAX , , etc.. but i have always botted runescape since RSBot came out and have always enjoyed someone doing it for me but i got bored of waiting for the scripts i want to come out so i have took it upon myself to start learning Java i intend to carry on with scripting and updating scripts i release and i want to better my skills i know the script i release will probably get criticised but i am looking for advice on what i can do to my scripts to make them better . I have not got lots and lots of coding experience as i have only been in my job for around 3-4 months now. i tried scripting for RuneScape before but as you can tell i didnt plan on doing it for that long because i was around the age of 14 but as i have grown older my interest for coding hasn't just become an interest i have now got a job doing it So here is my AIO chopper that you can use custom tiles for locations also banks in most location and chops anywhere i have made my own GUI and Paint which most Scripter's think "pfft that's a 5 minute job" but for someone new to this its a big thing. I accept all constructive criticism but any abuse will be removed. AIOChop.java http://pastebin.com/0zkSAxMb Transportation.java(Thanks to botsallday for his transportation class) http://pastebin.com/mWdbNsyY AntiBan.java http://pastebin.com/zxcGb6r5 This is the paint i created : https://gyazo.com/62b383c61da7f4e12dd2e7e4d2131c7b And this is the GUI i made : https://gyazo.com/add68f8d871f3091bbe1567b62776872
  5. It helped but i still have that error plus the advice you gave me was good because it would have been an error anyway i would have had to fix but it { is expected but as you could see i had put that? I ACTUALLY LOVE YOU SERIOUSLY after watching your video i have found different methods on how to code by myself plus i have made a little chicken killer so when people think this is only going to help them with Woodcutting it does not t it helps you with everything thank you so much man look at it bro : http://gyazo.com/9e3165cff50fa56ce28cf40cbadb8c33
  6. Hello im Nvox and i really would like to get into scripting for tribot and i have watched every tutorial on youtube trying to figure out how to code java and i found yours the most useful because of the banking but i have one problem and i have spend like an hour trying to figure out why the error wouldnt go away so i thought you could have a look for me : http://gyazo.com/72c1ddf7774f814cd5831ef01e1c1df9