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  1. Malevolant

    Old Scripts

    It would be the scripter that could update them, try contacting them
  2. Malevolant

    best fisihing bot?? -new-

    Go through the scripts and reviews
  3. Malevolant

    What free scripts would the community like to see?

    How about a mort myre script ?
  4. Malevolant

    EzConstruction 1-33 (or 99)

    Nice n thanx
  5. Malevolant

    Bot on account play on another?

    Use Proxies if doing this, botting is never safe
  6. Malevolant

    Bought a new pc, cant download Tri-bot

    Installllll javvvvaaa buddy
  7. Malevolant

    Bot --> Mule Trader

    This sounds like a good idea, although there should be a few ones out there?