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  1. @sank2014 id want to buy few wc accounts so pm me your skype
  2. What Game Were you Banned? OSRS Why were you banned? Macroing Major Have you appealed the ban? No, (Not Appealable) Have you been banned before? no, was my first account to get banned Where did you hear about my service? saw this on TB forums Do you have a Promo code from a referral? No What is your Skype ? tankyy.pb
  3. Im looking for ppl with rep.
  4. yo so im looking for someone to do Legends quest Holy grail Kings ransom. i can pay with rsgp or Skrill.
  5. I can help you with this task, iv had couple of maulers and getting that 55 isnt bad if you have enough supplies to do it. if you are interested, pm me your skype so we can talk
  6. I really wouldn't recommed this site to anyone who likes to play roulette, its glitching all the time and most of the time the ball lands next to that number what you bet on (legit right?). + the whole roulette crashes pretty often so its like you are just throwing your gps/tokens away. if someone feels like calling me a liar etc. don't worry i have screenshot as example what happens when that roulette does crash. edit: almost forgot! sent email about the roulette crash as im demanding a refund from it, it seems these "support dudes" don't really give a shit about that. all iv got was email "just sent the email here instead" and none has bothered to answer me when i did resend the email. take care
  7. pm me your skype?
  8. can you guys stop getting post count on this thread? and @Runescapeplayer because i simply suck at botting melee stats, cant set good breakhandler etc etc
  9. thanks for your advice sherlock.
  10. Hello so id be willing to buy some str powerleveling to my 60 str obby mauler, its 60 str atm and i would be looking for 75ish str I prefer handmade services
  11. Bump - 850k each
  12. yo so im selling 5 credits for osrs gp. pm me your skype if you are interested
  13. yo so! im looking for str training on my 20 attack pure. id be interested getting the str from 25 to 70 (maybe80) Requirements: it must be hand done pm me if you are interested + with price
  14. can you pm me how much hand done 60-75 or 60-80 str would cost in 07gp. the account is 16 attack obby mauler with 1 prayer and def. Cheers