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  1. this script is as amazing as always, another 99fm on ironman. tysm
  2. really? just checked the transfer thing and it said i can transfer 5 credits within 31 days O.o
  3. done with botting career so far so id exchange my rest (4) credits for gps
  4. Iv never had any bans with this script maybe ill just consider myself as lucky person (made 12ish accs 75+) and im talking about 8-12 hours a day and last that kinda acc was made last week
  5. mlm is working well for me. tested with 2 accounts so far and other is 88 nad other is nearly 90 mining and im botting 8-14 hours/day
  6. this script is going strong! all accs gone 75+ mining in mlm without any problems"
  7. achieved 99 firemaking without any problems! ily!
  8. seems to be running fine on my 10hp pure, the only thing iv noticed so far is that It keeps clicking the bruma root (the one you chop) even if wintertodt is subdued
  9. tried that, restarted whole client couple of times and, mined full inv of dirt and cleaned -> it did empty it but ran straight back clicking the sack
  10. is it just me or has anyone else had this problem? https://gyazo.com/0d5313a5e24df2a4db431c4702efc82e its been running flawless till this moment, it just runs to the sack and keeps clicking it even if the sack is empty. Still it doesn't go back mining.
  11. nice just bought the script and it isnt even working. such a waste
  12. title tells everything. post below or pm me how much you have/ hm for each m. if you have low feedback dont even bother posting.
  13. yo. im looking to purchase 80mill 07 gold and ill be paying via skrill. if you dont have feedback dont even bother ask that will i go first, i will not. I can go first for ppl with high feedback or We can do incresements. im willing to pay 1-1.25usd/mill depending how much you are selling. if you are interested post below how much you have and pm me your skype. Cheers.
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