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  1. ever consider adding the fruit stall in hosidius area?
  2. sorry m8, must have shit internet
  3. I would if they go to 10k or something. Nothing wrong with 330 imo.
  4. LOL , got a kick out of this. Just kidding.
  5. Dang that is smokin.. Any idea when it will be available? procrastinating on starting an army of magers.
  6. This. ^ Maybe spend 20$ and try out one method and see how profitable it is, how long the accounts take to train, can you train them on f2p, do you get banned in 2 days or 5 days, should you bot 6 hours or 8 hours, etc etc etc.
  7. So funny when a new person comes in and asks a question about bans. People jump on em and start screaming "DONT BOT IF YOU DONT WANT A BAN! DONT BOT IF YOU DONT WANT A BAN!!"
  8. Havent really had much experience botting mining. Although i would imagine powermining with a script such as Aminer would work.
  9. Think he is wondering more about the banrate. In my opinion I wouldn't do it. This spot gets checked by mod weath, and is frequently mentioned on his twitter.
  10. eevus


    yes in my experience it seems like bans come faster on 2day accounts. I believe the offense is removed after a year though. so perhaps you could wait a year and chance another 2 day ban?
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