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  1. can this buy two different items? for example, clean ranarr weeds, make unfinished ranarr potions, sell the potions then buy the grimy herbs again? having trouble figuring that out.
  2. this script is beyond flawless. run about 3-4 hours per day for the last couple weeks just for safety and have encountered zero problems. i personally dont use potions or anything like that just because its not really necessary. the proggy is all from one account. all of naton's scripts are well worth the money!
  3. I love this script, I have only had one issue [13:11:03] [Debug] Looking for: 25 coal [13:11:35] [ABC2] Moving mouse [13:13:03] [ABC2] Picking up mouse [13:13:45] [ABC2] Right clicking [13:14:50] [ABC2] Rotating camera [13:15:22] [ABC2] Moving mouse [13:15:35] [ABC2] Picking up mouse [13:16:38] [ABC2] Picking up mouse [13:16:55] [Debug] Script paused It gets stuck trying to take the coal out, it did not happen when I ran for 4 hours but has happened twice in a 1.5 hour session. I am using looking glass which could definitely be the issue
  4. It is but with 200m I would like to get more. Im not complaining by any means, just wanna better my list
  5. anyone willing to sell their item list? have 200m and literally cant get over 500k per hour lol
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