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i ride jesus

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  1. not buying premium means enjoy botting 1 hour gl
  2. im barely getting 12k an hour with 60 range any tips on getting more an hour it is so slow idk why i had like 25k an hour 2 weeks ago on the same acc
  3. Hotel owner used to have a goldfarming setup and his ip got flagged so problem solved
  4. please fix the aid bug!!
  5. idk why but after 2 mins of running it is just standing there and doing nothing accept if it gets attacked and get under the hp it will eat else it just saying killing crab and does nothing
  6. sometimes i start the script and it just stands there i have to restart it like 6-7 times for it to work am i doing wrong i have every option enabled accept the top one
  7. need fighter torso done im talking to you by skype can u confirm
  8. here are the first 5 Xmouse_data-25543-1420491786375.dat Xmouse_data-25543-1422288310937.dat Xmouse_data-25543-1422289201765.dat Xmouse_data-25543-1422291316750.dat Xmouse_data-25543-1422291957265.dat
  9. yes thanks sir! you are the only one with a world hopping in it wauwzorz keep your good work up! YES its fixed now
  10. bot new
  11. my bot skulled when i was asleep so it lost whip and full rune.. please pm me when this is fixed until then i dont trust the script