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  1. Clicks to open magic tab everytime it goes to stun. Whether its open or not. Stunning/Alching.
  2. Edit: Door id's are still the same. Was your client outdated?
  3. Fucking Jagex. Alright, I'll look into it after this match of LoL.
  4. You need to redownload everytime its updated.
  5. Fixed a problem with the auth system & names with spaces.
  6. iRoc

    Magic API

    Include the classes in your packaging. Then reference them. Something like this after you have the classes added. Magic.cast(Spell.AIR_STRIKE);
  7. Paint fixed Combat potions supported DBA support New GUI with Adjustable looting
  8. All your links are broken.
  9. I'm on skype now. RSGP price has been adjusted (what I can actually sell it at). DL link updated.
  10. Sorry I haven't been available guys. Looks like my internet is going to be out until about Friday. (it went out last friday). I'm online at school right now. Sorry for any inconveniences.
  11. How do you know that the 195k/h is with being pk'd? When you have a full inventory and you get pk'd.. Does the bot remove that profit from the counter?
  12. Empty for the most part. You get the occasional legit ranger What's the gold/h when you get pk'd?
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