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  1. Clicks to open magic tab everytime it goes to stun. Whether its open or not. Stunning/Alching.
  2. Would like to see some guthans support... Could really just adjust the training manager a bit so it equips guthan at x health and equips other gear at full or near full.
  3. Your problem is that you have a lack of knowledge. Learn by trial and error or learn Java.
  4. create an array with all the food id's.
  5. You can only have multiple methods with the same name when they accept different parameters (Method overloading).
  6. If you were using Walking#anyMethod, it would timeout (exit the method) after x amount of time.
  7. Guy's i've been pretty inactive. For people using V3.0, could someone make a list of problems ( and potential fixes for thus). Thank you.
  8. Provide me with the animation id.
  9. I would love to see proof of this. Considering I don't know who you are, have never talked to you on skype, and the source is unobfuscated and posted in text on the first post. Please sincerely go fuck yourself. I have had access to more than 20M at any one time, please do not accuse me of hacking you with no proof and no motive.
  10. You have no sleeps. There is a delay (although not very long) between clicking the gem and the interface showing. Put a sleep after you click the slayer gem.
  11. walkingToTrapDoor(); closedTrapDoor(); walkingToGate(); openGate(); walkToWildGate(); wildyGate(); walkToEggs(); eatFood(); sleep(100); This is bad. Do not do this.
  12. Using what brian said, you would also have to have a way to remove instances. This creates problems when onEnd() isn't called from crashes.
  13. Did you run out of arrows/knives? and yeah. I actually forgot about that. I meant to implement it.
  14. Zip file & Source files released for version 3. Please babysit as I haven't had much time for testing! Will use Special W/ MSB. I haven't had it switch to defense mode at all!