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  1. The login bot does not work with this script... I have sent you a PM regarding this bug.
  2. Yes. They're being deleted from the config file when they're complete. For example task No. 1 is train attack 1 to 5. The task No. 2 is train strength 20 to 22. Save the config. Current stats are Attack: 10 Strength: 21. Start the script. The script will start training from task number 2. Everything seems to be good. After loading the same config on another account task No. 1 will be gone and only No. 2 will be visible.
  3. Runtime is very high after starting a script with a LG. This forces the script going straight to the break after starting it. Loading a new profile duplicates target and progression tasks on the current profile. Progression tasks are being deleted and SAVED to the file if the current task is complete. Please fix these 3 bugs.
  4. It'm pretty sure it's a scripts bug. I will send you a more proper bug report later. It didn't seem like the bot is using a run option during the combats. Is it? Maybe I just overlooked it but the run 100% stayed for a pretty long time.
  5. I want to change a cape. There is a purple cape in the setting. I want a black one. How should I change it? Pressing add gear just adds a current gear on top of everything.
  6. The script does not stop while being in a menu after pressing stop script in a tribot window. The is no way to delete a certain item from the gear menu. Starting a script from a login screen it forces it go straight to the break, because it shows 4k+ hours of a run time.
  7. This function works as intended. Maybe you could add a function to choose if the bot should go to bank or stay in place before making a break?
  8. reanox

    "advanced" breaking?

  9. I will notify you when I get to test it. May take several days as the Christmas is starting. lol Thank you!
  10. Could you add a function in a progressive mode to stop at. For example stop at level attack 30.
  11. what the f****. You f*** this one up, mate. You are orienting at an average user, I understand. But all of those functions were very usable in your script. all of the previous settings are gone. No way to import no way to delete a task in a progression mode no way to edit the mouse speed no way to choose eat at % no way in a progression mode stop script at level updated UI but still no way to insert a new task in a progression mode in between 2 tasks
  12. reanox

    Forgot Acct. Manager Password

    I don't think that Trilez have made a backdoor for that unfortunately.
  13. reanox

    Script loading times

    I can say the same.
  14. reanox

    Script loading times

    Why did since like a week ago various scripts downloading time increased? Is tribot being DDOSed? At this moment it takes like 30s to download a simple script. It's a bit annoying.
  15. reanox

    Script loading times

    I'm from eastern Europe as well. So the location might cause the issue.
  16. reanox

    Script loading times

    Still happens all the time. Machine location and script does not matter. Loading times are on average 45s. [21:27:46] Downloading script 'nBlast Furnace'. [21:28:56] Script Started: nBlast Furnace. Loading time: 70 seconds @Fluffee
  17. reanox

    Script loading times

    That is great. Can't wait to see everything fixed.
  18. reanox

    error upon login

    Change your theme to white and reupload the message is shown.