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  1. Accounts not loging in after update?

    halp Let's see how long does it take to fix it with better Tribot support. w00p w00p I'm so excited.
  2. [R] Auto Downvoter on Logout

    ban rate?
  3. 1. Hypothetical situation. I have bought 6 months auth for the script. After using the script for 5 months the scripter suddenly stops support it, there is one bug which prevents using the script. Could I open a dispute and receive a full refund for the script in that case? 2. What will be bug fixing time limits for the scripts? 3. Is Looking Glass going to be in beta stage for the rest of the time even if the users are paying more? I'm asking because the scripters may not fix the bugs related to LG as it is in BETA stage and contain "many" bugs. P.S. I know the answer is no. What I'm asking is when will the LG loose BETA badge.
  4. Yes i got a penis

    10/10 would recommend
  5. "Thonking" Reaction Added

  6. Every goldfarming method ever worth doing (07)

    forgot dancin 4 monneh
  7. It's probably due to same creation IP address.
  8. You should contact Trilez. Only he has the source code. I think. I'm sure he would be glad to help you! I'm joking. He's very busy. He won't respond. There are guides about this client scripting. You should browse the forums! Good luck!
  9. We DEMAND Emoji Support!

    OldSchool bot must only support oldschool emoticons!! NO TO EMOJIS!!!