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  1. The profits are much less today than stated in that webpage.
  2. I experience same problem as well.
  3. It is enabled automatically.
  4. Go to https://rsbuddy.com/osbuddy# then click Other System Downloads then click java and then click download.
  5. Download OsBuddy java version. That should fix the problem.
  6. My daxHunter [Premium] was not extended. Could you extend it, please?
  7. This discussion is worthless as both of us don't have the source code. Regardless, the cpu usage is high while catching black chins. (I think it is because of constant scanning for PKers) @daxmagex So is there a low cpu in your script as advertised?
  8. There are many ways to reduce CPU usage without impact on xp/h. So maybe there is a script argument to do so.
  9. @daxmagex Hey! How do I enter low cpu mode as it is written in the script description on tribot (not in the forums)? Is this option discontinued?
  10. The script works good. I get some bans from time to time even when using LG. That's very annoying. Furthermore, the CPU usage is mad. Instead of 5 LG clients while using other scripts, with this script I can only run 3 LG clients. Could this be caused by incorrect hunter bot setup or it's just the script itself?
  11. The black chins world hoping is broken. It fails to choose worlds from the last row. It could be cause because one world was added or removed.
  12. You are not even VIP. Worthless comment.