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  1. Seems to be broke after the login bot tribot update. Doesn't even help the old tribot launcher.
  2. After the recent game update some of the bots have different login screen This screen breaks some of the bots login https://gyazo.com/e8568902112dea171a95611b21e97f5f Debugs: https://pastebin.com/gEhKT4a3 https://pastebin.com/0YKhtf3j I have tried both Tribot versions (3.05 and the newest one)
  3. I get this error after starting tribot-loader-4.0.0.jar
  4. I think its a tribot new server glitch. All of my bots got dc also around this time.
  5. Did you mean 16 minutes? Because 11 is even more confusing than the current way handling breaks. I suggest making non-repeating breaks independent of each other meaning that after the first break end the break time resets.
  6. It happens sometimes with certain scripts. Which script?
  7. reanox

    Break handler

    Column time represents time after the script is started. Row 2 should be 14:30:00 insted of 0000:30:00. Row 3 should be at least 17:20:00, because of the break in the 2nd row. I hope you get the idea.
  8. Here are the debugs. The script just stops doing anything during this chat phrase. Do you need any more info? ----------------------------------- The same goes to Romeo and Juliet.
  9. Is it fixed yet? The bot just stands there doing nothing instead of continuing the chat.
  10. Did you mean "Pump"?
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