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  1. reanox

    14 Days Membership TWITCH PRIME 500k each!

    legit got some
  2. reanox

    How do I build a reputation for doing services

    Do it for free and gradually increase your price
  3. reanox

    Break handler bug - break does not end

    I can only confirm this bug.
  4. The login bot does not work with this script... I have sent you a PM regarding this bug.
  5. Yes. They're being deleted from the config file when they're complete. For example task No. 1 is train attack 1 to 5. The task No. 2 is train strength 20 to 22. Save the config. Current stats are Attack: 10 Strength: 21. Start the script. The script will start training from task number 2. Everything seems to be good. After loading the same config on another account task No. 1 will be gone and only No. 2 will be visible.
  6. Runtime is very high after starting a script with a LG. This forces the script going straight to the break after starting it. Loading a new profile duplicates target and progression tasks on the current profile. Progression tasks are being deleted and SAVED to the file if the current task is complete. Please fix these 3 bugs.
  7. It'm pretty sure it's a scripts bug. I will send you a more proper bug report later. It didn't seem like the bot is using a run option during the combats. Is it? Maybe I just overlooked it but the run 100% stayed for a pretty long time.