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  1. AS Title Says ( have 8, Looking for 3 credits Per)
  2. will buy 10 credits asap for 10m message me
  3. yo if u online i need 45-50 creds bro
  4. thanks mate im in no hurry but ill keep it inmind
  5. I know i havent got feedback so i will go first, you must be trusted member and we can do it bit by bit, just need to get a few scripts on here and would rather pay in osrs gp
  6. all my issues have been resolved since update JJ awesome work, still dosnt eat for space but apart from that is working awesome !
  7. some little issues ive had is just things like wont eat food for loot then banks and brings back more food ect. then log out when comes back to area stuff like that
  8. has this been fixed ? the banking issue when coming back to area.
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