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  1. I already did bro. but it still says fradulent i have no idea why..
  2. Can you add the Ballon transport system to the script? that is the fastest way to get money.
  3. Hey, can you add the ballon transporting system aswell? Please
  4. Hey, can you add the ballon transporting system aswell? you will earn more money, and its much faster!
  5. NTNU


    Out on the repository!
  6. HI. i got a issue aswell. It works fine until a "enemy is detected". If it gets killed its just comes backs and keep kicking the dragon with no weapons etc. The only way to get the bot working again is by deleting the folder again over and over. Can this get please fixed dear scripter? - NTNU
  7. Hey. i got a new issue now. The bot dosent change world, it works flawless until it dectects a "enemy" it wont be a able to change world at all. For some reason it cannot even change to a regular world either.
  8. Hey. I just tried that. It just keeps running between the attacks, and it think that its not in "combat" so keeps hitting one drag and runs.
  9. The script is great, but when i am trying to craft law runes it gets stuck and tries to click on the zooming button. Please help me.
  10. It is not working today, for some reason it wont it. And it keeps attacking a other dragon even though it fighiting one. What can i do?
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