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  1. Well... woke up this morning and every single one of my accounts has been banned. I came back to 07 after not playing for 2 years hoping to get back into it and start botting like before when it was super easy but I guess not lol Guess FAGex has too good of bot detection now.. Well, the only account I have left is the only one I didn't want to bot on.. My skiller. Guess I will just be playing on that account legit. My botting days are over
  2. Nope, wasn't dead. And I left just 1 of them to run over night (turned others off), and when I just came back on it was just standing upstairs. And judging by the xp/h in paint it was up there for at least 8+ hours And, it records every time? How can I see the recorded vids? edit: The just sitting by the ladder happened another 2 times today. Came back a few hours later with the account just sitting up/downstairs and doing nothing (script still running). Also, the hovering happens too. edit2: another thing that I've had to fix in the last few hours at least like 5+ times. The account(s) will accidentally click the door and go outside and not realize it and will then be spam clicking the druids while outside making the account run around the tower (SUPER bot like & just happened while writing this, haha). I know sometimes it will fix itself the second it goes outside the door, it will detect it instantly and then pick the lock until back inside, but other times it wont. Is there a way where you can make it so the script auto checks like every 20 seconds or so if its inside the given coordinates (inside the tower) and if not, will revert to picking the door? Should be a super simple line of code just to do a simple check if inside of right coords or not, and if not to just revert back to the pick locking part. Thanks!
  3. Alright so I have NO clue what the balls just happened, but I only really bot when I'm at the computer so I dont get banned, and anyways, wasn't paying attention to the 3 bots using this script until out of the corner of my eye I saw my pure running by a dock.. so when I clicked on it my pure was running by the dock in Catherby.. I have absolutely no explanation for that.. then I went on to check the other 2.. One was DOWn the ladder and just sitting next to it not doing anything (script still running). And the 3rd was just hovering over a Druid but not moving or attacking until I clicked on one myself and after it killed it, the script fixed itself and continued. So yeah.
  4. Of course man, any updates or any problems I see I will always let you know whats up! Thanks for a great script.
  5. Found some more things wrong lol When it needs to eat food, lets say it wants to eat 3, It will click them right after another really fast so It only ends up eating one cuz it doesnt have enough time to finish the motion. And, it will not pick up any of the specified items if the inventory is full. Herb, runes, bolts, nothing. Only once it eats a food because of low health, then it will pick up stuff, but once it picks up an herb and the inventory is full again, It will not pick up bolts/runes. And even if a herb drops and its one its supposed to loot, it will not eat a food to make space for it and pick it up.
  6. Thnx a bunch! Your a boss, man. If I can get my pure 99 str and range with this without getting banned.. I'm giving you something lol, idk what, but at least like 10m or something
  7. Hey man, this script is great but there is one thing that is really annoying... for some reason out of nowhere it will start switching tabs from like inventory to skills and just click back and forth back and forth back and forth non stop for a few minutes, looks really bot like. ALSO, can you PLEASEEEE make it check inventory for items its NOT supposed to pick up and then drop them? Every time I check it and catch it running to bank It will have at least 2-3 bones and an earth rune, or bronze sword and that's 4-7 spaces that could be filled with herbs. You would be a boss if you could fix these 2 problems! Thanks for your time and for this script!
  8. Just ate my entire inventory of food in 1 go..
  9. edit: Never mind! works perfectly.
  10. Can you send this to me? I bought it from you awhile back and no longer have it. You can check my Feedback, one is from you for purchasing this bot and it is a lifetime purchase so can you send me it please & thanks.
  11. Oh okay. Good to know. Thanks for the info
  12. Oh okay. Thanks for the info. And I'm guessing that you're talking about Sapphire bracelets right? If only Recoils gave as much xp.. because don't recoils sell for like 1k+?
  13. Hey, do Bracelets give the most xp out of all the jewelry or what?
  14. Few things I've noticed; Freaky Forester - Does whole random until the very end. Gets to the portal then just keeps right clicking it and not actually using it. Debug says; "Leaving Portal, Freaky Forester random complete!" but just keeps right clicking portal. Maze - Was working perfectly until a few days ago. Once inside maze just stands there doing nothing. Shows nothing in debug, doesn't even say like "Maze random" or anything Molly/Evil sister - Just stands there doing nothing. Debug says "We are attempting to solve the Appendage random" Quiz/Mordaut - Does the quiz, answers everything and once it is done just stand there in front of his desk. Does Not find door & go out. Debug; "We have completed the exam. The door ID is 1111" Hope this can help you out some what! If I get other randoms I will continue giving you more Info. P.S. Good job on the randoms !