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  1. I did in fact send the bitcoins to his address. I did it 2 times, however, the first one no longer shows up. He claims he has yet to receive the bitcoins.
  2. Blade

    Buying 500m rs3

    BTC, Skrill, Paypal?
  3. When I read this I was thinking more along the lines of it plays when a normal person. Such as it stops 30min-1hour during the three meals of the day based on your time zone. It breaks to go to sleep. Simple stuff like that.
  4. Type @MODSUSERNAME with a request to close them.
  5. @Killzone9298 Request that this thread be closed then start you a brand new thread that you will use 100% of the time. Make it look sexy cause I'm trying to buy some soon to rebuild, and if you want me to be a buyer you need to get my attention.
  6. Honestly I cannot find the thread I thought existed. Some members post a feedback thread on Sythe I believe.
  7. Please close the above threads as they are cluttering the list of active threads. @Montreal @The Black Tux @ohParadox
  8. Just edit your current thread. Change the gold you have or do not have. Perhaps set a feedback thread in the appropriate area. Make it all pretty Thanks!
  9. Please stick to one thread and edit it instead of making excessive ones each time you have more gold to sell.
  10. Please update your java to "Version 8 Update 77" http://java.com/
  11. Print the Script Stack Trace and Random Stack Trace please. Post them in spoilers here.
  12. I guess 400m is what I'm looking for. I would like to buy from the noobs around here to increase their feedback and make them side money
  13. I am rebuilding my new account and would like to get enough cash to buy 99 in prayer, herblore, and construction and have 50m left to train the rest. How much do you think would be needed? - Thanks.
  14. You can submit your on mouse files (20-22 or so) to TRiLeZ and I believe he will make your own to use without VIP-E I also remember that you get a free human mouse with the purchase of VIP-E without other requirements.
  15. Remove your .tribot folder to make sure it's a fresh install of all features. Test it out. Then tell what occurs. It is is the appdata folder which can be accessed by typing %appdata% in the Windows Explorer program.
  16. Read OP please, this is a great idea. @Usa @Todd @TRiLeZ
  17. Blade

    Help with proxies

    Is the matter now resolved? If so, contact a moderator to close this thread.
  18. @Mark - Just bot on alts to provide money and resources for your main.
  19. You are welcome. Make sure you post the information and tag me and the corresponding script developers.
  20. At the top of the client, click Script > Print Script Stack Trace and also Print Random Stack Trace. Post it here in two separate spoilers.
  21. Post the debug information please.
  22. Blade

    Show off your ride

    New wheels and exhaust this week.
  23. Blade

    Post Your Face Place

    While I was on leave.
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