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  1. BTC, Skrill, Paypal?
  2. When I read this I was thinking more along the lines of it plays when a normal person. Such as it stops 30min-1hour during the three meals of the day based on your time zone. It breaks to go to sleep. Simple stuff like that.
  3. Please update your java to "Version 8 Update 77" http://java.com/
  4. Print the Script Stack Trace and Random Stack Trace please. Post them in spoilers here.
  5. You can submit your on mouse files (20-22 or so) to TRiLeZ and I believe he will make your own to use without VIP-E I also remember that you get a free human mouse with the purchase of VIP-E without other requirements.
  6. Remove your .tribot folder to make sure it's a fresh install of all features. Test it out. Then tell what occurs. It is is the appdata folder which can be accessed by typing %appdata% in the Windows Explorer program.
  7. Read OP please, this is a great idea. @Usa @Todd @TRiLeZ
  8. Is the matter now resolved? If so, contact a moderator to close this thread.
  9. @Mark - Just bot on alts to provide money and resources for your main.
  10. You are welcome. Make sure you post the information and tag me and the corresponding script developers.
  11. At the top of the client, click Script > Print Script Stack Trace and also Print Random Stack Trace. Post it here in two separate spoilers.
  12. Post the debug information please.
  13. Fix Database This is a record of all solutions found to issues that users have submitted via live chat. It will be maintained by myself and other support staff. The goal is for users to be able to come to this thread and "CTRL + F" an issue, with many solutions easily available. Support staff or other users, if you have VERIFIED a solution, please post using this format: Problem: Please include debug code - anything that will be helpful if a user is searching for this problem Solution: What did you do to solve this problem? Other: Anything else to add to help the user viewing this? Problem: Your session is not valid. Please re-login using the TRiBot Loader. Make sure to re-enter your password to create a new session. () Problem: Login credentials has timed out Solution: Use the forums to change your password Other: _________________________________________________ Problem: [20:06:26] TRiBot (5.43_0) loaded. (1.6.0_45:C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6)[20:07:03] Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" [20:07:03] java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: scripts/ScriptLoader07 : Unsupported major.minor version 51.0[20:07:03] at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass1(Native Method)[20:07:03] at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClassCond(Unknown Source)[20:07:03] at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass(Unknown Source)[20:07:03] at java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass(Unknown Source)[20:07:03] at obf.Xb.ALLATORI_DEMO(xg:75)[20:07:03] at obf.Xb.M(xg:112)[20:07:03] at obf.Gb.M(ef:152)[20:07:03] at obf.Gb.ALLATORI_DEMO(ef:153)[20:07:03] at obf.pB.(to:69)Solution:Your Java is outdated. Other: Currently, you need at least JRE 7. JDK also works. _________________________________________________ Problem: Login credentials has timed out Solution: Use the forums to change your password Other: _________________________________________________ Problem: When "Start Scripts" button is pressed, nothing happens. Start script button broken, etc. Solution: One of your .class files is broken or corrupted, possibly by no fault of your own. Remove the last file that you added and try again. Once you've isolated the problematic .class file, attempt to download it again. Other: _________________________________________________ Problem: Client Null Error Solution: Keep trying, this is caused when your client cannot connect to the Tribot server. Other: Add "Tribot" and "Java/JavaW" as exceptions in your firewall settings. Make sure that your antivirus also adds them as exceptions. _________________________________________________ Problem: MySQL DB ERROR Solution: Close the client completely and try again. Other: This occurs when Tribot is down. _________________________________________________ Problem: Event Dispatch Thread Solution: Run Tribot in Lite mode. Other: _________________________________________________
  14. Client Ticket Log This thread is to be used with errors encountered with the client. No other problems should be reported in this thread. Thank you! Please follow the code below when posting, and be as detailed as possible. Problem exists in 2007 Client/EoC Client/Folders: PC/Mac: What caused this problem: Was it working successfully at an earlier time: If yes, what changed: Screenshots of relevance: Detailed Bog Debug tab paste if possible:
  15. Hello Triboteers. Since multiple users post asking opinions of certain VPS companies and the question "What's the best VPS for tribot? this thread has been created as a means of centralizing those points. I will keep it updated with quotes from users regarding them. Please use these formats. If the VPS you're posting about is not in the list below: VPS name: VPS Site: Did you Purchase: If yes, Cost and plan: Experience with VPS: Rate: 1-5 Other: If you're just adding comments about the VPS and it's in the list below: VPS name: Did you Purchase: If yes, Cost and plan: Experience with VPS: Rate: 1-5 Other: The List: BottingVPS Digital Ocean DOTVPS FragVPS T Q VPS UniqueGeek VPScorner BottersVPS GoDaddy OVH Hosting PhotonVPS Windows Azure Carbon Hosting/Carbonhost Berman Hosting Virmach
  16. Get b&hammered nerd.
  17. New wheels and exhaust this week.
  18. While I was on leave.
  19. Fully updated. Big thanks to everyone for keeping this going, hope it's working well for you.
  20. *acc gets banned* u wot m8 wow ur all shit i got b& cause ur shitty bot gf acc gf rs im charge back script haha fgts"
  21. Locked pending investigation. Please join the thread if you have anything to add: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/23631-whunter/
  22. Will talk with wassup. There will most likely be refunds given to users who bought the script and were never given an opportunity to use it.
  23. Nice. As others said, I'd slow down on the botting.
  24. 2 vip ranks? that looks derpy af, will discuss.
  25. I support it. There is no reason for prostitution being illegal, it is a service being sold and is no different than any other business. If it was legal all around the world, there would be more common and strict laws which would dissipate the common stigma associated with the market. While I don't typically go out and indulge in a night of hooker filled fun, there's no reason I shouldn't be able to if I felt like it. This is, of course, assuming the individuals are completely willing to be escorts (not sex slaves, of legal age etc.)