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  1. I can sell you some proxies but they are bulk only 10+.
  2. I actually have a few you can look at depending on the OS* you wish to use. http://www.jlphost.com/clients/knowledgebase.php
  3. It depends really though I mean each one takes more or less space than the other if you only have lets say 1GB RAM and SUSU 21.1 takes up about 234MB of that so it depends if you want one that takes up less space go with a Debian or Ubuntu.
  4. Sent you a message about this.
  5. So ........... ?
  6. Join the club everyone is waiting on a fix man.
  7. Yes I can surely get you something that will run flawlessly for as long as you need. It will be my game client actually it is 14.99 per month I can customize anything you like on it to give you the best performance possible. Just let me know when you need it I can be contacted on skype at JLPHOST Thank you.
  8. Seems to be an ongoing problem maybe the admin is fixing something or having trouble with the API.
  9. Don't adjust it just let them run.
  10. All slots have been filled anyone who places an order will be placed in the queue process until more slots become available, or free members upgrade to premium services.
  11. Follow the steps they tell you in verifying all your money is legit and your account will not be closed.
  12. Jlphost - Fall VPS Promo {Free VPS} Limited Time Only {1st Come First Receive} 30 Slots Capabilities: Should be able to run 2 standard clients & 1 or 2 advanced clients This VPS cannot be upgraded you, if you would like to purchase a VPS that can handle more clients please refer to our gaming VPS thread. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/52628-jlphost-a-custom-vps-that-fits-all-your-runescape-needs-runs-5s4m-clients-24x7-supports-ipv4ipv6-secure-checkout/ Coupon Code: Bot200 Contact Us: Skype" JLPHOST Email: [email protected]
  13. This is true however if you are not much of a server person it would be very hard, but would save you a bit of $$$. I'm sure you can google come VPN's if you need a VPS lemme know.