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  1. If Jagex found out how to differentiate clients and could tell who was using Tribot clients for instance, why block the client causing the owners of Tribot to come up with a more intense, harder to detect client when Jagex could simply say they can't tell the difference between clients and just steady ban all the bots at a steady if not better rate than before.
  2. 1. Nobody will give too much advice as it decreases profit for them. 2. Experimenting. You almost have to spend money experimenting different skills and methods in order to find your ideal setup. 3. Proxies / VPN's are your friend.
  3. at the account creation page on the runescape homepage, if you make the account email "@yahoo.com" you do not even need to create an email. Simply putting down "[email protected]" will create the account and you can log in and do what is needed. No creation process needed. Hope this helps!
  4. I botted 56-91 mining all at MLM. Got a two day eventually, but I was straight for 2 months + of botting daily.
  5. It is an extremely basic mining script for Deadman Mode. Does not need very much anti-ban or anything of that sort, just needs to be able to run without big flaws. Skype: "LittleWayne.Rs"
  6. Hello, I am currently wanting to stream a game called 'Runescape" Oldschool. I have heard you do not need a nice graphics card, but RAM or memory due to it being a browser based game. Currently, whenever I am not streaming and simply playing the game my CPU Usage is settled at 10-20% with no random spikes. But as soon as I hit "Preview Stream" my cpu will shoot straight up to 95-100% and not go down. Here are my settings / system info. General: http://prntscr.com/94w7j4 Encoding: http://prntscr.com/94w7qo Broadcast Settings: Video: http://prntscr.com/94w7xs Audio:http://prntscr.com/94w81d Advanced: http://prntscr.com/94w859 SYSTEM Info: http://prntscr.com/94w8nn I do not have a graphics card & simply using the motherboard's support. I have 16gb of memory but only use 3.24gb when my cpu is maxed at 100% currently while I am on the forum and not streaming: http://prntscr.com/94w91f While Previewing stream: http://prntscr.com/94w9x6 Is there a quick fix for this? Also, if there is something I could buy to have plenty of spare cpu usage while streaming such as a new graphics card or Intel core processor, PLEASE let me know.
  7. I've been tempted to start botting DMM too, so many low levels thieving it's crazy.
  8. I found on Reddit an overlay which could be edited to make a real decent stream overlay, I am for someone to make ONE Overlay for this layout... Spoiler http://i.imgur.com/D3eUkF1.png And ONE same style overlay of this setup.. Spoiler http://prntscr.com/910ttb If I like the layout you make, we can work out a few more layout inquires. I would be really appreciative if someone could do this for me, I will be more than happy to pay. Also, if anyone has any tips for a better stream lay out in general (different placing of the webcam, etc...) I would like some room to add some text or images. Skype: "LittleWayne.Rs"
  9. Added!
  10. Skype?
  11. Skype? LittleWayne.RS
  12. Current stats: http://prntscr.com/8xwepl ---------------------- Desired: http://prntscr.com/8xwh1z Needing... 42-70 attack 17-70 strength 5-70 defence Hand done! No bots! Will pay very nicely. Please Add me on Skype to discuss! Skype: "LittleWayne.Rs" You must have a decent to high positive feedback.
  13. Since the latest updates from Jagex, My bot simply trades the sellers, gets in trade, and hovers mouse over where their character would be inside trade screen. Does not add money, simply stays in trade til other declines. Help? I've wiped all the seller's names clean and re-added them, nothing.
  14. As this is a pretty long and tedious service, I expect the price to reflect that.