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  1. Can I get a quote for: Garden of Tranq Swan Song Mournings End Part 1 Torso Dragon Defender I joined the discord my name is chunkman69 if you want to pm
  2. Hey tribot just a quick question Received a 2 day ban more then a month and a half ago, can I still use an auto clicker for alching? I wouldn't suicide and I will be present when it is going
  3. Well its stopping my script and giving me that error, I wouldn't make it up. I'm only high alching at the GE
  4. My script stops running after about an hour saying its performing "clean-up" really frustrating other than that it works well
  5. I've tested and max strength gear is better (Bandos Tassets and chestplate, DFS or DD) xp then dharoking
  6. I've read that somewhere also
  7. I got 99 cooking and maxed my main after receiving a 2 day ban and also currently botting alching on my pure who has a 2 day ban.
  8. Yep my account got banned really thought I had the system beat lol. Was self hosting botting 20+ hours a day no breaks using LG got to 90 str and 90 range on a fresh pure in 14 days
  9. I'm getting about 72k xp/hr on a 1 def pure with 85 range. But thank you for the really in-depth response!
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