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  1. Hey John, the best GFX Designer. 

  2. Gold prices vary day by day, as stated in the thread all prices are negotiable due to the price fluctuation daily. I removed the trusted tag, the only reason I added it in is due to the fact I have plenty of top-tier users that would and already have vouched for me - one of which being Arctic. I'm not new to gold trading, I know what I'm doing. Thank you for the warm wishes for the shop! P.S. The prices are fair, the more you sell the cheaper it gets. If you're looking to buy gold once again, prices are negotiable.
  3. Welcome to my gold selling thread! You can buy gold here and talk to a real person instead of a bot or using external websites! Status: Online Now! Please add my Skype or PM me to buy gold instantly! Want to sell gold? Here's my buying thread! My Selling Prices: Prices are negotiable based on competitor pricing and market conditions. Please ask for price changes! It could be less than stated below. 24M and under - $1.20/M 25M - 49M - $1.19/M 50M - 74M - $1.18/M 75M - 99M - $1.16/M 100M + $1.15/M All gold transactions will be completed in roughly 2-3 minutes. You must have a verified PayPal account as I only accept PayPal. Credits go to YoHoJo for the pricing table. ----
  4. I'll sell you 6 credits for 6.6m. My Skypes in my signature if you're interested.
  5. Use a proxy purely for mules where you stock items and gold onto - separate proxies for bots therefore no IP link can be made between them for associating with a botfarm. I know, it sounds like a lot of proxies but when they ban, they ban heavily meaning your "mule" or "banker" can get banned in the process for associating itself to benefit the bot farm by collecting it's items or something like that. Never had a banker get banned with a proxy separate from my main farms.
  6. @Druid Here's some constructive feedback to make your script one of the best. -Add chest support. -Add teleport support for quicker banking and returning to the location (choosing a teleport option like tabs or glories to bank faster and to return faster). -Improved web walking (gets stuck a lot). -Fixing the H.A.M location - it will not be able to bank if it's in the H.A.M basement. Plus, when you get caught it does not pick lock the cage door! -World hopping with an X amount of players in the location (extra anti-ban). -Rouges den support. -Pyramid Plunder support. -Progressive leveling - this feature would be nice so it will level up, move to the next best thing and do that or have an option to have a queue on what to do after certain levels. -Has issues with multi-level locations including Lumbridge bank (improving the web walking can help). -The ability to swap what it thieves by a timer, after obtaining an X amount of something, or at complete random. -Suicide Master Farmer - the ability to bank the expensive seeds and merely suicide to prevent using food and deathwalking back to Draynor village. I have a long list of things, but for $1 it's worth the buy. I'd pay even more if you did a bit more with it to expand the script with more customization. I'd highly suggest that you look into such things seeing it won't only increase your sales, it will increase the profit per hour seeing users would have more options and it would be more advanced with less bugs. This script could easily go for $10 as an AIO - if you're willing to do some of these features, all of them, or more I'd even pay you to make a custom script based off this. It would be perfect for bot farms if you could customize it more and have more options.
  7. Usually I create all my bots on my home IP and if I run multiple bots, I'll toss in proxies. That or have a handful of "account creation" proxies and a handful of "botting" proxies, both work fairly well and haven't experienced a lock yet. Usually do this in bulk though, once a proxy gets mass-banned just replace it (assuming you're gold farming). How large is your bot farm? I can perhaps assist you in how to handle this situation further the more we know.
  8. I don't think there's a high risk of that seeing MouseKeys is allowed. I've never been banned for such a thing even using it for 4+ hours. I wouldn't suggest doing it 24/7 but it's pretty low from what I've experienced.
  9. Oh yeah, sorry about that just messaged you awaiting a response =) Talk to you on there then!
  10. What solves most issues is uninstalling all versions of Java and installing the newest JDK and JRE. http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre8-downloads-2133155.html Here's the link for JRE8. Hope this helps, but are you able to login normally?
  11. Just bot for 12 hours a day or so. Don't set breaks if you want to suicide bot, instead let it log you out after the 6 hour timer and start it back up after you get back from work, school, or whatever so it has a grace period. Since you're VIP-E make sure you only use Looking Glass - you'll last a lot longer and potentially prevent a ban. Just know each time you start up a bot you have a risk of getting banned, there's no way around it. If you have any further questions feel free to ask. Seems your main questions were already answered.
  12. Make sure you have the most updated Java JRE installed. http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre8-downloads-2133155.html With LG, you can only use JRE which might be your problem. I'd suggest only having JDK and JRE installed. If you have other versions, it could be conflicting with the data causing it to use an outdated version. So I'd suggest uninstalling all versions of Java that you have and install the latest JRE and JDK.
  13. It really depends on what you set the process heap sizes as per bot. If you're looking to make a massive bot farm, you may want a dedicated server - not a VPS.
  14. Is this you? None the less it's impressive!
  15. Great work! I'd like to donate to you to help you progress. Add me on Skype and I'll help you out along your way.
  16. Interested, add my Skype please.
  17. Use SOCK5 proxies - they generally bypass any proxy detection. You're probably using HTTPS proxies which are detected. There's many sellers here and third-party sites that offer them. I'd suggest using an IPv4 SOCK5. SOCK5's are generally more expensive but it's worth your while.
  18. +1, Maxthon is by far the best browser out there - not to mention VERY lightweight.
  19. Currently buying 12m RSGP (07 gp) for $10 in BTC. If you're interested in selling, please add my Skype which can be found in my signature. Best wishes, -Littma
  20. I haven't posted any of the logs yet, it's best that I just respond to questions for now until I'm 100% certain I have the information. Anyone here can PM me for my Skype and we can talk there so we don't spam the forums.
  21. i'm testing it now and will do prolonged tests with the 40+ p2p accounts I'm using. So far, two days with zero bans botting roughly 12 hours a day with no breaks. It's different for everyone though, I'm used to getting banned every 8 hours or so on each account so this is quite surprising for me personally. Edit: Using LG for the ones wondering. I only have the necessary Java extension unblocked to run LG with specific Java version(s) loaded for the actual RS client which blocks access to the folders and files it tends to scan. I'll have to make a list of what they search, seeing they use the Java application that's installed on your PC to obtain that data you'd have to block Java access to reaching the destination folders. Do this at your own risk, or test it on a dummy account if you want to see how well it works.
  22. Blinky

    Fletching bots?

    Usually what I do if it's my main account is bot for 4-6 hours and then play legitimately doing other things with random invertals. If you're using a fletching bot, then do not do anything fletching related including avoiding cutting logs or anything that could look like you're gaining supplies. My main account is still going pretty strong, never been banned on it yet. I'd suggest investing into paid scripts though seeing each script acts differently, if there's let's say 10,000 people using the same script it's more detectable than let's say 100 people that use a paid script. The risk is there, but it prolongs the situation allowing you to bot longer before a ban if you decide to suicide it.
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