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  1. Not sure if you need to uncheck anything, but block user input isn't selected, as well as block all user input either. I load the bot normally and I simply cant click the login button or world change or anything for that matter. I can use all other client functions correctly but I cannot click to type in my username or password. Haven't been on in years so please help lol?
  2. almost been two years here too, actually botted on wbot for 99 fletching and got it on March 6th and made 9m, and obviously back then i sold it for the outrageous price of $9/m
  3. Trilez fixed this problem, you can now run them.
  4. 25 accs my god lol. I like this tut though, might try it on 2-3 accounts. Thanks!
  5. dude thanks for the skype tut never knew that.
  6. do some tzaar so we can get tons of tokkul and get onyx's plus drops
  7. yeah that's a high ban rate... spin flax @w1 since there's 100 people doing it and there's a less likely chance of getting reported.
  8. yes use proxies, you can easily buy them with 07 gold and make it back + profit. Don't ever bot on your real ip, if it's flagged u need to change it. aka re-setting-up your router
  9. ik and I probably got reported 100 times lol and I have a bot busting moderate on my acc gf
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