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  1. Great tutorial! Really well organized with lots of good examples for real life use. Thanks for putting the time in to write this up!
  2. You should try using tribot with OSBuddy instead. I'm not sure if it will attach to processes in the web browser, I havent tried it, but I've never had an issue with LG and OSBuddy. https://rsbuddy.com/osbuddy/ Here is a thread related to looking glass and how to get it set up.. https://tribot.org/forums/topic/47328-introducing-looking-glass-beta/ Actually from this thread,
  3. Beautiful!
  4. Can you put one on bugs bunny??? http://imgur.com/gKOlqw5
  5. I'm interested in this too, any chance you can explain more?
  6. "It would be nice"
  7. For me this doesn't work. When I run it, it acts like the form that it is supposed to be looking for no longer exists. Looks like they may have changed the login to require HTTPS which will not work with twill. Maybe I'm doing something wrong though but I do not know python well at all...
  8. If i'm understanding this right, your have runescape opened in the browser, but really looking glass is looking for an instance of OSBuddy. https://rsbuddy.com/osbuddy/#download
  9. Command line or bust!
  10. Sweet! I'll definitely check this out!
  11. Welcome aboard man! Great to see new faces!
  12. REALLY useful! Havent had a chance to try this myself yet, but it looks really clean and straight forward. Great work on the snippet, I look forward to trying it out!
  13. Damn right man, I'm also fairly new to the game but there's definitely a reason it's been out for 20+ years. My first draft was a pre-release Battle for Zendakir... Nothing too exciting but the community centered around it is really cool. If you play steam games I highly recommend you check out Magic: Duels.. It's a really well put together game, we could play sometime!