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  1. can you enable 3t with a teak log and knife method please
  2. I figured out how to run the script, and as a result I have went from 80 attack 99 strength to currently 80k from 99 attack, 98 defence and 99 HP. My current runtime of 59 hours. This script has ran flawlessly and I have ran it for the last week doing this averaging 110k xp an hour not using dharoks because I don't prefer it. Was gettign 120k xp an hour with max str bonus with rapier, avernic, ferocious gloves. So thank you so much for your help in this. Great script keep up the good work If I knew how to post the cool picture I would.
  3. Thank you this helps, I just pulled out a rapier and have been using bandos because I couldn't figure out dharoks. I did get the script running though which is major, thank your for your help.
  4. Mine keeps on purchasing a dream and then canceling the purchase and then purchasing a dream and canceling over and over. I have to start the game for the account and it'll play but it won't go into another match once it's finished. I have deleted cache and hooks. Once it finishes the chat box says it tries to change the armour. [02:57:54] [nNightmare Zone] Ending script: We don't have enough of item 4881 (Dharok's helm 75)
  5. Just bought the program, set it as butler and mahog tables. It tries to unnote the planks and continuously clicks call servant right after causing the butler to not return. I don't how to remove any hooks or what you guys are referring to. ***** I may have figured it out, also why am I a new botter been on this forum for years.
  6. when the game starts for me when I do mtd my char always runs to the right a little bit and then to the center. It is the same way every time and it makes me super paranoid. Is there anyway in which this could be randomized or something of the like. I just idk get paranoid. I don't know if everyone else's character runs like that. If not and it is just me then *shrugs* oh well lol
  7. the download of mine went into a .jar file and i don't know how to run it
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