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  1. Mine works, must be that I didn't update runelite
  2. This was my favorite crafting script Just realized it's broken, I'll put out something this weekend that makes gold bracelets
  3. But it's in a loop that does have timers in it, it continues saying the interface is null for a good 15 seconds after it's open. I haven't had time to look at it today... I'll update this when I figure it out. I was thinking I might be using the entityselector wrong. Thanks for looking into it guys
  4. I'm only using the other account because there was no way to change my name and I didn't want to post my scripts under the name "Jiggerjaw". I made a request to change this accounts name in the help section and never got a reply. Once I (hopefully) become a premium scripter, I'll be abandoning this account. For now, it's the only one that has VIP on it. I believe the multiple account rule is because of free trials. I haven't used "ScriptsForMains" to bot a single time. On another note, have you tried the splashing script yet?
  5. It's set up to automatically withdraw supplies to do air strike since I'm using it to get some hours on f2p accounts before spending any money on them. If you start an account with gear on and your spell selected, you can use any spell. I'll add a comment to the main post, thanks for the question. I was wondering what was going on... It eventually makes it to the places but it is kinda shitty. I'll look into dax's tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion. *edit* this is my original Tribot account... It's the one my purchased scripts are on. I am scriptsForMains
  6. Lemme know if you still need help, I've done this on linux and windows servers
  7. @FALSkills Havent had the chance to test it on a new account for the quest yet... For weekly runs, it uses whatever your default withdraw option is in the bank... It withdrew all my games necklaces then had a full inventory and wouldn't drop anything. Can you switch it to "Withdraw x1" Good script
  8. @Worthy Dwarf cannon quest gets stuck when you're supposed to go get the ammo mould. You just keep telling the dwarf captain you'll go get it. I went and got the mold by hand, restarted script at "return ammo mould". He walks back to the captain then doesn't talk to him (possible I didn't wait long enough but I watched him stand there for a solid minute).
  9. Thank you, that's a great idea
  10. I'm going for scripter rank and need to make 3 open-source bots... Obviously I don't want anything super complicated, but I wanted to make something that would be beneficial to the community. I plan on make a simple Cannon/Auto-retaliate script that eats detected food/prayer pots and re-loads a cannon. Any requests for the other two? Something along the same lines in terms of simplicity and something that doesn't already have a viable alternative on the repository. No Slayer bot. No bossfighting/Raids. If it is a quest request, it needs to be a simple quest without many moving parts. These are scripts that I'm expected to maintain for free. I'm not committing to anything crazy.
  11. I just took a basic "I try to Java" course in highschool... Been figuring out Tribot botting through trial and error. Good luck!
  12. Is there any way to do this? I've successfully searched for the correct code with Keyboard.sendKeys but can't seem to click the locations after they pop up. I can locate them in interface manager but they don't seem to appear as an "Option". Help is greatly appreciated... Spent an hour or so tinkering with it.
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