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  1. Still no go... Doesn't appear like java is easy to dual-install. Trying to get this working on my work computer
  2. Gets stuck if the door at wizards tower is closed Edit- might just be that i didn't have hide roofs enabled
  3. I want to test this script out but I don't wanna look up all the items myself when the script has the Grand Exchange option and I don't want to wait for the items to buy. Clearly it has a list of the items that will be required. Any chance you can give it to us?
  4. Does this mean the script will world hop whenever it sees another player? Every time I've been there, it's packed... When I try to hop to an empty world, it takes so many attempts that my account gets locked from worldhopping so much.
  5. Can you make a "bracelet free" option? I've found I don't survive more than few minutes up there before pkers come anyways... Think suicide with cheap gear is a better option
  6. This is an awesome script... Just went from 44-50 thieving while watching it. It's pretty flawless for training. I was having a problem with it looting in the last room, it keeps running out of time before looting the chest/sarc. Not a problem if you're going for experience, but I'm sure a lot of people use this script to farm sceptres. I'm using the default antiban settings and I'd say ~50% of the time he doesn't get to the chest/sarc.
  7. It opens up a white box with no options... My other scripts are working fine. Any ideas?
  8. I was trying to post a bug to "Client Bugs" but it wouldn't let me select it... Which is a site bug I guess. My client bug is the following: Is this due to an incompatible java version? If so, what version do I need to be running? I'm on a CentOS 7 server.
  9. I tried my hand at botting a couple years back, got my account banned, got aggravated and quit. When I was botting, I purchased "lifetime" access to a few scripts, aMiner v2 aAgility v2 triCombat AIO (which has since turned in to Optimus Combat & Magic) I believe some of the other scripts I purchased were "lifetime" as well... I don't really know how to go back and check. I know this was a while ago, but I barely used the scripts back when I did purchase them. I feel like I got scammed here, none of my "lifetime" purchases are available to me anymore.
  10. LG= Looking Glass You need VIP-e to use it. In some member's opinions, it doesn't matter at all. In others (like myself) I've experienced insta-bans using the same scripts that I used for months off of looking glass. It could be coincidence, but I believe the $8/mo is worth the insurance on my account that's worth $100s. It basically mirrors your client instead of creating it's own client. It will relay commands into the official Runescape client or OS-buddy instead of using Tribot's client
  11. So I hate to have to be this guy... but @TRiLeZ did we ever get compensation for the last few times LG was down? If so then, fuck yah...You da man. If not, are we going to? Within the past ~6 months it seems like LG has been down for an entire month of those 6. In one of those breaks I tried botting without it and got my account banned. Since then I just don't bother if LG is down. I'd hate to be paying for a bot I can't use at all
  12. Lot's of different scripts... I've learned through trial and error (and 6 perma bans on accounts I cared about) which scripts to use and which ones not to... My list of scripts I trust is very small and consists of scripts by a handful of authors. Make sure to use scripts that are updated recently, old scripts (>6months of no updates) are generally abandoned and don't have the most up to date antiban. There are almost no free scripts worth using with the exception of a few of Tri's scripts and a couple by Encoded (that I've found at least). If you're botting on your main, don't risk it for skills that will only take you a couple hours (ie. I got a main banned using Worthy Construction to get 50 construction... That's a task that woulda only taken a few half hour sessions). Don't bot overnight... Jagex does look at play time when issuing bans. If every night when you're supposed to be sleeping, your runescape account is doing something, that is questionable... You're smart to switch up what you're botting since no player realistically does 15 hours a day of the same skill, but it's also risky to use so many different bots because you don't know which one got you the ban. Trial and error on accounts you don't care about. It sucks to buy membership and have it be banned, but realistically you can buy a 14 day bond for 2mil (~$2) and test out whatever script you want. Worth it when you aren't getting an account you've spent hours questing on banned.
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