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  1. aexious

    Einstein's Scripting Tutorial - Part 1

    Thanks Einstein, this is definitely helpful for someone who hasn't dabbled in scripting before. Now to find time to put work into a decent script. Perhaps a great addition to this would be to give a basic example of a GUI and progress display? Assuming you want to pursue further tutorials. Great work!
  2. @Netami I am still unable to get decent points from pest control. Can you please look at my suggestions? I currently can't/won't use this script due to the abnormal point gain from it.
  3. aexious

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aPlunderer [Pyramid Plunder]

    Sadly I no longer can, that was during the trial period and I used up all of my time yesterday. If the bot is supposed to be able to do this I am definitely interested in purchasing, but I was curious if it could.
  4. aexious

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aPlunderer [Pyramid Plunder]

    @Aropupu Can you configure this to only open sarcophagus per room? I checked the boxes for it but the bot still ignores them.. Edit: I lied, it will open the sarcophagus but it ignores where I am telling it to only open it in the first room.
  5. It likely deposited it in your bank. That's what it done for all 4 of my pieces. It just keeps playing the game if you still don't have the full set.
  6. The script works as expected. I find that the repair mode isn't as efficient as it could be. As far as ban rates, its a bot, botting a popular minigame. You will likely be banned if you don't safely bot. Or you could suicide bot for days without a ban. Flip your coin and good luck. Suggestions: - Add detection to see when you have red lined, if it detects you have already lost the game, leave (or if you are in repair mode strictly chop logs till the end). - Prioritize repairing if your activity bar is low and you only have 1-2 logs. I find this bot will go looking for more trees when its activity bar is almost red and it has a log or two handy. - Add an OPTIONAL banking method for logs if you lose a game. That way if you happen to lose a game due to no logs available, you can leave, withdraw a full inventory and go wait for the next game. Or allow for banking in general (optional) Edit: Ran the bot in repair mode with 0.1 abc2 multiplier and only received 12 points in 40 minutes. The proggy vanished sometime before that so I couldn't screen shot it but I am trying again now. I will update with a proggy to give expectations for the scripts current abilities with repair mode. Edit 2: The repair script needs reviewed.. This is only 3200 xp/hour at around lvl 70. I am better off finding a safer method until the repair method works more efficiently. Please see my above suggestions on how to improve this.
  7. If it wouldn't lose the game because of chopping, but what happens is there are so many bots that the trees aren't plentiful enough to support repair only. I would rather sacrifice a little time to bank then lose the games points because it can't chop a tree..
  8. I done the trial for this and like it a lot. It functions fairly smoothly, I would of course baby sit it because paranoia but that's just me. I would buy it, but one feature is missing that I think should be option so I will suggest it. Have the option to where you can bank for your logs instead of having to chop trees. Chopping trees can lead to inconsistent results due to availability and the PC activity dropping too low.