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  1. you should try and get the amount of money those people are mercher with. it would give an idea how much $10m could make you an hour and whatnot
  2. tau's ge script was a huge hit and he stopped working on it which was unfortunate. ge scripts tend to have the lowest ban rates and can be very profitable considering they require no skill requirement so you should have no problem selling it. i'd buy it right now if i could ?
  3. this is gonna be a hit if its right. do you have a release date in mind? spring? summer?
  4. Whats the advisable use for this script? Trying to avoid bans and just want to get the damn coal bag lol.
  5. You advertise 1.05-1.15 per m on osrs but gave me a 0.99 quote? Fuck outta here lol that's some bad business.
  6. Complete opposite actually. Fletching is an incredible skill to goldfarm and is super easy to get you banned, pretty much the woodcutting of P2P.
  7. just trade? never once have I been banned for trading lol
  8. And once again, all my bots (including the folders) crashed. I had three bots open, ram wasn't being exceeded. Maybe the 4th time now.
  9. Bot is just sitting at the GE with the status "opening grand exchange" Is this because of the update or an issue with the script?
  10. for the 4th time in what seems like 3 days the vpn crashed. everything was closed out. I made sure I wasn't exceeding the ram and everything.
  11. or you could just put it up as a premium script?? I know I would buy that.
  12. How are the bans with this script if you're using breaks? Wondering if it'd be worth it to use bonds on some accounts and do a progressive run.
  13. Woke up to see my tribot client wasn't even open and neither was the folder with all the other clients (they were all open the last time I checked) Can you explain this? I lost substantial money from this.
  14. I have 65m cash stack and am doing 550k/hr after 24 hours. Buy the gold if you have the list (it's really easy to make a list for expensive items since there's not many of them)
  15. Looks like a great script man, will purchase it and see how it goes! Out of curiosity, what are the plans for the future of the script?
  16. 35% is not a lot tbh. You can still live an awesome life and save money at the same time. Trust me man, speaking from experience, save some of that money just in case.
  17. I suggest you put 35% of whatever you make into your savings. I once had an insane operation going (not related to RS) and I was pulling $1.2k/week. Ended up spending so so much of it and had about $3000 left. I don't blame you for buying that stuff haha I would too, just put some aside in case something happensz
  18. I have noticed this too. I'm not sure if the profit is adjusted once it has sold but yeah.
  19. First premium script I've ever bought and I have to say it's really doing the job. No flaws at all.
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