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  1. how can we add this into out scripts
  2. all fixed thank you!
  3. it wont let me start the script. i dont know why im not even getting the set up window for range melee or anything like that
  4. Help please idk what to dooo ive asked for help. with no success All fixed thanks for the help!
  5. I just came home from work.. and it still doesnt work i did exactly what u said + i added u on skype. this is super frustrating. all it says is downloading tri experiments fighter in bot debug
  6. Okay, this bot has been giving me a bunch of problems sense ive bought it. #1 the bot hasn't even started sense the update on 7/31/15 " says 'Downloading script Tri Experiments Fighter'. #2 cant use broad bolts..
  7. What going on. Is this bot down.. sense the update?? + i cant use runecross bow with this bot or broad bolts. fix plzzz
  8. They're problems with broad bolts. The script ends every time i try to use mine. Can u do me a favor and that into the script. I just bought thinking it would work flawlessly. but seems like i found a flaw just my luck.