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  1. Hey im using rapid heal flick and when I first started using script i wouldn't lose any prayer points now I am losing them all before I run out of potions. Any solution?
  2. Anyone have a solution? Would love to get botting
  3. If you look at the picture you can tell it's not a problem of resizable mode. I am in fixed.
  4. Does anyone have a solution? I HAVE tried changing my resolution but does not work. I am also not in resizeable mode.
  5. Nope that doesn't work either.
  6. http://prntscr.com/d7a54n Here is what it looks like
  7. I have tried changing resolution but that does not work Just got a new laptop and whenver I open up tribot everything in the client is extremely small. Can someone tell me the fix?
  8. Nvm
  9. Great script only issue im running into is if my kills are going very slow, the later phases get all messed up and its telling me to pray mage on blue phase, standing in wrong places etc.
  10. Anyone know where to buy zulrah ready accounts?
  11. I hope buying the small village was a joke
  12. Really disappointed in this script. Barely got any use out of it before it stopped working. Always says I don't have any jewelry left to enchant. Would love it if it was fixed and I could get the time I spent money for back.
  13. None of the above. It is weird I can't find a reason for it. Sometimes it will run fine and do all my rings then others it won't work at all.
  14. I am enchanting sapphire rings into rings of recoil and after about 3 inventories full my script just stops everytime.