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  1. Update to my post, if I am not on LG it seems fine but on LG for some reason it just does super long breaks while banking and they get progressively slower. First hour I will get like 120k next hour 110k, then 100k and so on.
  2. Training magic using plank make on mahogany logs which should get about 166k an hour. On LG I was only able to get 116k and on non-LG I can get about 130k. It seems to take very long pauses which I assume is for ABCL2, is there anyway to adjust the anti-ban to make a little less?
  3. Probably true, could charge some big bucks for it though
  4. Vorkath script? Could provide you with an account to create the script assuming I would get an auth
  5. Is there any benefit to using Runelite over vanilla client since runelite uses more resources (Question for third party clients in general)? Just wondering from others perspectives but awesome update TriLez!!!
  6. I have a 4k screen as well and I get tiny tribot lol. So tribot must not be able to scale to 4k clients
  7. So I know Tribot has the built-in proxy system but this doesn't make the hooked client use the proxy. Say I need to run 10 accounts at a time all with LG and all with separate proxies what is the most effective way to do this?
  8. Hows the development of this going? Would love to help and give some human data.
  9. Definitely like that idea of expanding on the monster helpers! I personally have used zulrah helper a lot but does make sense to make the slayer first.
  10. Does this not show xp per hour anymore? First time using in a while let me know if I am doing something wrong.
  11. So for all you ultra efficient players out there, what is the best way to get 70 att,str,def with Fight Arena Lost City Vampire Slayer Mountain Daughter Tree Gnome Village completed. Thanks!
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