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  1. Jazed

    TRiBot Release 9.231_0

    Nice man
  2. Jazed

    Jazed Fishing Trawler official full release

    Nothing is required, just I recommend getting swamp paste and getting bailing buckets so the boat doesn't sink. Start in or around the minigame, it'll pick itself up.
  3. Jazed

    Jazed Fishing Trawler official full release

    It's working, except it doesn't withdraw fish at the moment because the minigame only gives unnoted fish now, it'll take the outfit though. Hopefully next thursday Jagex will introduce the "Bank All" function which will make the withdrawing fish, etc possible again. Use world 70, however it's possible due to deadman mode everyone could have left for deadman mode.
  4. Jazed

    Jazed Halloween Solver

    Yep. :-)
  5. Jazed

    Jazed Halloween Solver

    I'll look into it now. Looks like this is an issue with the path finding around the event, I have tried optimizing it as much as possible but reached the limitation of what I can do within the API. I've seen it fail like 1/10. All my bots are wearing halloween outfit atm lol.
  6. Jazed

    Jazed Halloween Solver

    Nice good to see.
  7. Jazed

    Jazed Halloween Solver

    Yeah sometimes happens, it should pick itself up and go from there. I'll increase the sleep after clicks a little that should solve the issue. EDIT: Uploaded a new version that clicks a little slower through the convo's to prevent having to converse again. Also fixed an issue with the item collecting from the shed.
  8. Jazed

    Jazed Halloween Solver

    Did you start the script half way? If you did, due to the nature of collecting certain items / certain stages it's not possible to start the script half way into the event. Only from start so it can work to the end. If you started from the start, I am sorry to see that it has failed but you'll have to finish it manually. I wrote this script in quite a fast pace so it probably won't be 100% bug free, but should work just fine.
  9. Jazed

    Jazed Halloween Solver

    All this.
  10. Jazed

    Jazed Halloween Solver

    How do I get the script? What does it do? This script solves the 2015 Halloween event for you. Requirements None. How do I start the script? Start the script in the starting room where grim is located. Features Does the whole event for you.Notes Script might not be 100% flawless, might double click sometimes, etc. Script was written at a fast pace, but will be tweaked if you report issues. Proggies
  11. Jazed

    Jazed Tuna Potato [AIO]

    Alright I will remove the script from the repo tonight, currently don't have the time to train accounts to the desired levels.
  12. Jazed

    Buying Flawless RS3 Auto-typer.

    Rs3 is no longer supported by TRiBot.
  13. Jazed

    Jazed Tuna Potato [AIO]

    Does it only happen with churning or also with chopping, etc?
  14. Jazed

    Jazed Tuna Potato [AIO]

    I will probably remove it from the repo then if it gives too many problems, when I run it it works fine.
  15. Jazed

    Jazed Tuna Potato [AIO]

    I have attached a .zip in the attachment with the compiled files, could you try dragging the contents (the whole folder) into .tribot/bin/scripts/ and try again? JazedTunaPotato.zip