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  1. Cool, they slightly increase your magic levels. Giving magic a go with this script and see how it goes.
  2. Dope, thanks! I haven't found myself logged out anymore, working smooth.
  3. I've had the same issue on windows server 2016, same java version. Just after you typed the password and want to load into the game. Deleted .tribot folder in AppData seemed to have fixed it.
  4. Included the log 10 minutes before it happened, and this seems to be a repeated pattern when this issue occurs. It seems to sleep because it cannot do anything or doesn't seem to attack crabs if it's idling and all 3 of them are walking. The bot debug / client is not giving me any information other than the walking paths. Yeah I have the "attack nearby crabs" option ticked, even tried having both options (roaming) on but unfortunately that didn't help. I must say this issue didn't seem to happen before, I've noticed it since like a week and a half. But maybe I am wrong about that. log.txt
  5. Hi Naton, Recently I've noticed the bot getting "stuck" in the debug it also says it reached the stuck failsafe and I find myself logged out. When I check the screenshots folder I see a screenshot of the login screen. It seems to happen when the crabs are wandering around, it just idles and stands there, is there a way to have the script attack these crabs instead of just standing there? When they respawn they re-aggro on you and the script is back in routine. I have tried to play around with the options like having the stand in x spot and wander around checkboxes both ticked but unfortunately without result.
  6. Hey, Thanks for updating the script. Could you make the exp drops hidden when the paint is "closed"?
  7. Hi Naton, Every once in a while the script stops when looking for new ranged potions in the bank, throwing a message like "could not find enough of item: 2444". There's more than enough ranging potions in the bank. Could you have a look at it? The rest of the potions work fine.
  8. Jazed

    TRiBot Release 9.231_0

    Nice man
  9. Jazed

    Jazed Fishing Trawler official full release

    Nothing is required, just I recommend getting swamp paste and getting bailing buckets so the boat doesn't sink. Start in or around the minigame, it'll pick itself up.
  10. Jazed

    Jazed Fishing Trawler official full release

    It's working, except it doesn't withdraw fish at the moment because the minigame only gives unnoted fish now, it'll take the outfit though. Hopefully next thursday Jagex will introduce the "Bank All" function which will make the withdrawing fish, etc possible again. Use world 70, however it's possible due to deadman mode everyone could have left for deadman mode.
  11. Jazed

    Jazed Halloween Solver

    Yep. :-)
  12. Jazed

    Jazed Halloween Solver

    I'll look into it now. Looks like this is an issue with the path finding around the event, I have tried optimizing it as much as possible but reached the limitation of what I can do within the API. I've seen it fail like 1/10. All my bots are wearing halloween outfit atm lol.