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  1. Inactive. Working on my own bot client, stopped contributing to TRiBot.

  2. delete this thread
  3. Nice man
  4. What drugs did you take while making this? lmfao
  5. What if you add a check to click the welcome screen button according to the login state taken from the login class? Login state ingame only returns true if the welcome screen is skipped as well.
  6. He's required to use Login.login as there is no other way to handle account logins without knowing the credentials. You should tell your scripter to make a check to see if the login state is the welcome screen, then click the button manually.
  7. Are you programming this yourself or using a script made by another scripter?
  8. It's possible the scripter has created a custom login handler which could cause issues, try contacting the scripter and ask if they use a custom login handler.
  9. Nothing is required, just I recommend getting swamp paste and getting bailing buckets so the boat doesn't sink. Start in or around the minigame, it'll pick itself up.
  10. Does this happen with a specific script or all scripts?
  11. It's rather easy to find bots using mousekey's, if the numpad keys aren't pressed, or any type of keyboard keys while clicking in that pattern you are most likely using macro's / botting.
  12. Should work fine, using other keys to simulate the numpad keys for example. You should be completely fine. They don't care and sorta allow you to use mouse keys.
  13. Scripts with mousekeys don't actually use mousekey's, they just "simulate" them, but don't work the same as mouse keys. Unless programmed to press certain buttons (numpad keys) it just drops everything really fast looking like a mousekey.