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  1. This is by far the best script I've ever used. The anti-ban measures made available by Aropupu are insane, and human as far as I can tell most of the time. Love it. This is the third 40 hour plus I've done with this script, using massive variants for my breaking and break times. I only went to 20 agility manually. I will be buying more of your scripts. Albertius.
  2. I had alching still enabled. That's what the problem was.
  3. Currently not working. Relekka & Camelot
  4. Will you be implementing the use of Teleport to Camelot after Kandarin Hard Diarys are completed?
  5. How about adding in the use of Camelot teleport once you have unlocked Kandarin hard diarys? I can get 50k exp hour doing it myself, if this was added in I would start using this script again.
  6. @Tri, please get this fixed. It also opens door, walks one tile in, closes door, then repeats this process over and over. This is gonna cause bans, which isn't good for you.
  7. This script is broken as fuck and completely unhuman. A mod needs to remove it from the repository
  8. The Seers rooftop course, it doubles back EVERY TRIP on the second obstacle. Completely inhuman, to walk to exact same tile, every time, and then follow up with clicking on the Leap Gap. This is a fucking disappointment. Where has the old USA gone?
  9. This script is not fluid, get's stuck @ varrock one. Is slow and gets stuck at falador one. Will see how it goes when I get to camelot. Not real impressed for a USA script. Also only got 8K exp an hour at Barb - half of what you'd get as a human. Disappointed.
  10. Is this 07??
  11. lmao. I literally sat back in my chair and laughed. They are not discontinued or rare. God.
  12. Help! My client just sits on Starting Client - nothing happens.
  13. Script doesn't show in the loader. Brilliant.