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  1. anybody having problems where when they try to set up bird hunting itll say it has insufficient traps and end the script? nvm ty for fast update! on the same day
  2. Add me on skype @theamazingschwangg You can use a middleman if you'd like at your own expense, otherwise payment sent first then gold traded
  3. Rates for buying 07 gold?
  4. I've noticed recently that the amount of bots doing hunter has decreased drastically. On the daxhunter premium script the total # of bots went from 500+ down to around 250. My bots survived so I assume I'm doing something right when it comes to not getting banned haha. I can actually find empty worlds during the daytime too now!
  5. here's mine Xmouse_data-252771-1437463903289.dat
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