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  1. How is it to run worlds by yourself with lets say 3 on each role for a total of 12 bots? do jmods hop to massban or has anyone with experience tried it out?
  2. hey ericko any idea other than the general known to reduce ban rate? im planning to restart my bot farm. good agility scripts and mining? before if i used agility i would get banned on accs without jagex even taking a look at them because thats how bad the scripts were
  3. how many bots are currently running? is the banrate as ridiculous as it used to be like 3 weeks ago? why is the script 50 usd now? O.o used to be 10 dollars
  4. orgasm123456789

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    this script is so unbearable.. i create 15 accounts and 4 of them are already banned after 4 hours of total botting... lost 20m on those 4 accounts now
  5. the script doesnt pick up armour and other items if it died in the abyss, you automatically keep 3 pouches protected so it goes there, looks for pouches, sees your armour and shit but doesnt pick up and goes back to edge crafting without armor at all making the rune/h decrease
  6. is it possible to run a world by yourself 100%? if i get 4 of each sections ( 4 agility 4 str 4 crafting and 4 firemaking) can it proper my wh ole botfarm on a seperate world other than 358?
  7. orgasm123456789

    Does looking glass make a difference?

    do i go to the runescape website, bring up a regular client and connect my tribot using the looking glass to it? also is it secure that the proxy will work even if i have a regular rs tab?
  8. orgasm123456789

    the bot panel doesnt work at all for me

    images dont show up, i cant cancel scripts using the command
  9. orgasm123456789

    Does looking glass make a difference?

    do you think it will decrease my bans at botting nature runes?
  10. orgasm123456789

    Does looking glass make a difference?

    are you really sure about that? banrates are extremely high, besides i7 with 16gb ram runs 3 LG clients and can run like 30 tribot regular clients, and botting f2p is like 50k/h gold so i cant see how lg is better than regular.. might missed something my part.
  11. orgasm123456789

    Does looking glass make a difference?

    hm what settings do you use on break handler? this shit is complicated compared to rs2 LOL you could suicide bot 10 accs grotworms and still not get banned for like 3 months :/
  12. orgasm123456789

    Does looking glass make a difference?

    tips for smart botting other than jagex hours?
  13. orgasm123456789

    scripts have disappeared

    I have like 5 paid scripts cant use them .