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  1. hey guys! Made a script which goes to boneyard in the wilderness and picks up the bones and burys them as in pick up 1 bury one pick up 1 bury one and repeat. Supports deathwalk and food! Enjoy! https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1513-boneyard-buryer/
  2. Hey guys! Made a little script for you guys. A simple fisher that fishes with net at the south of lumby. Enjoy! https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1539-lumbyfisher/
  3. So like at first you're probably like, free? Are you serious? Yes I am. This script kills lava drags for you so you don't have to do it manually. And about pkers? They are the things of the past. With this new script, you don't have to worry about Pkers as it logs you off before they know you even existed. Recommended stats: at least 13 magic Equipment: Supports only fire staff and air/mind runes for the moment. How to start script? Make sure you have fire staff and enough air and mind runes in your bank. Start at the Grand Exchange or lumbridge. [+] Supports deathwalk. [+] Perfect worldhopping. Anything else? Nope. Enjoy. Script has been fixed. REPO LINK: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/1587 When it asks for outbound connections, accept them they're trying to access rsbuddy price API to pick up the loot in order from most expensive to least expensive.
  4. school's over and i'm on my break and would be interested to fix this. if anybody wanna help me get vip and an account i can test this on ((cuz im poor as fk) pm me! gratzi.
  5. [$400] Need Premium AIO quester[Read]

    add my skype: musique.hf i can do some for free.
  6. Ill msge you when I need to. I'm busy atm with school and stuff
  7. don't have money atm for runescape membership or tribot vip so can't test...so yah.
  8. Anything get printed out in the console?
  9. The script repo link has been updated!
  10. Thanks man. I really appreciate your comments especially at how good it is at staying alive. It definitely was the hardest part of this whole project and I really enjoyed every part of it. With regards to the crossing, I understand what you mean. The thing is, sometimes Objects.findNearest wouldn't find the wilderness crossing border in front of me and would find one across the bridge which would lead me entering wilderness and seeing a bunch of skeletons and getting killed so this bot-like thing you mention was the quick fix I thought of to fix this. I'll look into it later to not have to rely on that. And also with regards to deathwalking. If you wake up and see the bot still moving, it is possible that you have died before and that deathwalking is working in some cases and the fact that sometimes that you wake up and find it at lumby idling could be because of a corner case I didn't happen upon. This is just a hypothesis but ye. Or it could be that deathwalk just doesn't work anymore and needs to be fixed. Nonetheless, if you could get me the full debug or anyone for that matter (if you or anyone do die again), that would definitely be helpful.
  11. I'll take a look and get back to you when my interviews/exams this week are over. For those that have this issue and do have the full debug, please post it here as it will definitely make debugging/fixing faster.
  12. I can add in Edgeville bank support. About the paint, I'm not an artist but I can definitely add some text info on there like profits. I'll take a jab at them whenever I have time. At the moment I'm swamped with interviews and exams this week.
  13. what you mean the script usually just turns off? You mean it idles and does nothing?
  14. hm...weird. must've been something changed in game which broke a part of my script or some corner case that didn't occur to me. Whenever you do just copy paste whatever is in the system debug into here.
  15. Do you have any more info I can go with? Last time I checked deathwalking was working for me. Location where you died? Do you have the print statements debug?
  16. I don't have states implemented so it wouldn't check state at the beginning like "it's the lava drags location and I have enough runes, let me start killing lava drags". If you stop it at the lava drags and you restart the script, it literally starts by walking to a bank if you guys get what I mean. I'll add that to my to-do list in the future.
  17. Thanks bruh. It really is an amazing script. I put my blood and sweat in it and really hope people enjoy it!
  18. Yea it doesn't withdraw anti-fire shield at the moment I'll need to add that. Thing is when I tested it it was on a pretty high def account and also factoring in the fact that the safespot when getting there doesn't require me to walk through a bunch of drags but I'll def add that on the next update. With regards to the test run and getting stuck on the entrance, I'm using DNavigator to open gates and I'm presuming it would get stuck if you get to the gate and some PKer popped up nearby and you immediately logged out before you were able to enter? Then when you relogin into another world, because you logged out before able to entering the gate, it would then assume you were already in the gate and try to run to safespot but can't cuz the gate's closed? If that's the case, then no need for a gif. If not, a gif would be nice to see what the problem is.
  19. Like it says in the prompt, the script disables the loginbot because of possible interference when relogging back in and implements its own loginbot.
  20. [Giveaway] 10m OSRS

  21. Right now the bot will autologout on anyone who is in the combat ranges to attack you. but i will keep that in mind for future updates.
  22. Quick update. Repo link has been updated!
  23. There's currently a problem in the script. The repo link will be uploaded after it's fixed.
  24. There are specific protections in place to prevent that.
  25. musique.hf's Application

    Scripts available to the public: [sOURCE] (Link to thread) Plank Runner - thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/56804-plank-runner/ source: https://bitbucket.org/leafoflove/tribot-scripts/src/a8b744931a8074cfa85bd38a5905958d5b3b3eed/plankRunner/PlankRunner.java LumbyFisher - thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/56803-lumby-fisher/ source: https://bitbucket.org/leafoflove/tribot-scripts/src/a8b744931a8074cfa85bd38a5905958d5b3b3eed/lumbyFisher/LumbyFisher.java BoneyardBuryer - thread: https://tribot.org/forums/topic/56805-boneyard-buryer/ source: https://bitbucket.org/leafoflove/tribot-scripts/src/a8b744931a8074cfa85bd38a5905958d5b3b3eed/BoneyardBuryer/BoneyardBuryer.java 5) Short biography / Coding Experience: [1-2 short paragraphs] I started coding a year ago. I really love coding. A friend actually introduced me to it and I just thought it was just so cool to be able to tell a machine to do something and just sit back and relax. As I learned more and more on my own, I realized how fun it was! Since then I've just been hooked on it and really enjoyed dabbling in code on the weekends at night when everyone's asleep. With regards to Tribot, I came here about 2 months ago. I used to bot but back then I was a botter, not a scripter. Nowadays I mainly script. It's my way to both learn how to learn to code but also refresh with myself with Runescape again. At first I was worried it might take a while to get accustomed to all this but it turns out the Tribot API is straightforward and very easy to pick up and I'm grateful for that. Overall, I'm glad I came to this forums and to helping the community! 6) Reasons why you feel you deserve Scripter: [1-3 short paragraphs] I believe I deserve Scripter because of my desire to help people as well as to improve oneself. I have this willingness to help those that helped me and contribute to the community. It's my way of saying thanks back. Also, I love making people smile and to be able to see that sort of positive feedback really gives me the motivation to keep striving forward and helping everyone. 7) What you plan to provide the community with: [1-3 short Paragraphs] I plan to provide great scripts and help as much as I can to whoever that needs help. Not only this, I also plan on supporting my scripts and do my upmost best to resolve any issues regarding anything. 8) Do you agree to continue to not only update, but provide more free, open sourced scripts to the community? [YES/NO] Definitely! My responses: @erickho123 thanks. I made a poll. With regards to the while loop, can you point to a specific part of my code in particular where a failsafe would be suitable?