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  1. whats ur Problem with it ? i think the only big Problem is maybe that it want to kill another wyner after anti ban time then the lobster think and eating at bank i bottet a Long time ago there was the script shit but this is ok it has some more potential but all in all ist ok
  2. Hay i tested the Trial maybe add really that they loot the lobsters and eat makes a run longer and let it eat full at bank but all in all the script is very nice
  3. hay nice script the only problem at defend knight it spam click everytime the monster he fights
  4. Run really Nice for me Shutted it Self down no Problem etc. Idk if u can see the pic but it have over 40h Look statistics
  5. When he is killed, he will Open the Bank And closed it Again all the time To get the shield Sry for my Bad english
  6. The script wont re-equip the shield when he get killed. and when u pick first the higher valued items bones first than hides it would be nice
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