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  1. around 40
  2. The irony , people on a botting community don't support GE
  3. Post more threads about your farm , thats the key
  4. Lobs on karamja. I get the same error as WYD
  5. After inventory is full script stops
  6. Why don't you message Jagex to ban them ... jeez i don't understand these threads.
  7. Client is using alot more cpu lately, i can't even run half the bots as before.
  8. "Random events used to be an effective way to reduce the early on, low-tech bots that were once found in RuneScape. As bots have become progressively smarter, random events have lost their purpose and can no longer help us with catching bots." This is from os website , stop being so paranoid .
  9. Why the client is using alot more cpu lately ?
  10. @TRiLeZ The client is using alot more cpu after the last update.
  11. Encoded , any idea why it's using more cpu ? Or is it a client issue?
  12. I also get it with encoded fisher
  13. Anyone else noticed this after the last update?