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  1. fixpix

    TRiBot Release 9.201_0

    @TRiLeZ The client is using alot more cpu after the last update.
  2. fixpix

    TRiBot Release 9.201_0

    After you finish Freaky Forester it stays afk
  3. fixpix

    Bat Account Creator

    Not working... Can you update it?
  4. fixpix

    Bat Account Creator

    Is this still on repository?
  5. Yea it might be a Client issue cus i tried a different script and it's doing the same . Also this happens when i lvl up , it's not clicking " Click here to continue "
  6. Encoded , i'm running 3 bots per client and the script is pausing . This happens when the inventory is full and affects all 3 bots .Once i manually resume it they all start again.