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  1. I don't remember if I asked/requested this or not, but I was wondering if it would be possible to show what the next form is going to be, so it is easier and faster to switch to the appropriate gear and prayers.
  2. You should be able to change the resolution of your TV by right clicking the desktop, and clicking screen resolution, assuming you are windows 7. May be slightly different on 8/10
  3. Damn, some lucky drops getting 2 onyx. 238 KC and not a single exclusive drop yet, however drop rate is 512 so I understand. I think it'd really let people feel like they're learning Zulrah, rather than just following the script. Would also allow more efficient kills.
  4. I would like to eventually be able to do Zulrah without this script, despite how good it is. That is the biggest reason why I would like to be able to remove some things. For curiosity sake, how difficult would it be to implement, and if it is rather easy, do you see it being a possibility in the near future? Although I do agree with your last point, I think the few people that do slightly struggle with this, is from having to switch as soon as Zulrah goes into the water to change form, as opposed to switching after your last chance to do DPS. It would also be very helpful for what I pointed out earlier, in being able to kill Zulrah on your own. Overall this script is amazing, I am just curious and excited to see how far it can be taken.
  5. Could I have some input on my post?
  6. Some customization would be super cool, such as only showing rotation spots, or only food and equipment. However I don't see that being feasible, as it is unnecessary, however it could be easy to add, idk how you write your scripts. Also, if you could have the script not pray when facing certain phases on certain rotations, as it is not needed, it would be nice to save a few prayer points. Some optimization of the places to stand, be it multiple squares you can stand on that are safe, or simply grouping up some spots that are 1-2 squares away on the consecutive phases, yet have no difference where you stand, would be a nice addition to alleviate some chaos. Showing the phase that will appear next, to allow us to switch our gear and prayer a bit faster would also be nice. Overall this is an incredible script, that works exactly like it should. Only complaint would be lack of customization, and some optimizations to the killing of zulrah. 4/5 stars Got a 3 hour proggy from today.
  7. It's a PVM clan I am part of, so they definitely would care. Would my mouse be visible on the recording if I used looking glass?
  8. Basically want some input on what I am doing wrong on my Zulrah kills, however do not want my overlay for the Zulrah helper visible, so I am curious on how I can record the game screen, while keeping the overlay of the script not present. Would it maybe be possible with looking glass?
  9. Neither do I, but more is never a bad things.
  10. Having an issue where it isn't working for some items of the switch, the boots, gloves, and necklace to be exact. As well, is their an option to delete some of your saved item presets? EDIT: Figured out how to delete them. Restarting the script seemed to make it only forget about necklace. Another restart seemed to solve the problem.
  11. Darn, I do have a couple more questions. So there isn't a way to super impose the overlay from the tribot client, to the osbuddy one? Is there a way I can bring the fps in tribot to 60, or higher? Will there be a delay on my inputs being reflected to the tribot screen? Thank you very much!
  12. I have a question about looking glass. I find I get a much smoother frame rate using osbuddy. If I use looking glass, does it allow me to interact with the osbuddy client, as opposed to the tribot client? And, are overlays from scripts printed on the osbuddy, or tribot client? I solely use the zulrah helper script, and find my switches are much smoother in osbuddy, as opposed to the tribot client. Thanks!
  13. If you've trained agility by hand on that account before, Jagex has saved how you do agility to your account, and the bot does it very differently than you do it, which sends a flag on your account.
  14. Odds are it wasn't this script, botted to 6 hoursish a day and no ban