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  1. Im having the same issue also
  2. im having an issue purchasing now too
  3. This bot is pretty broken at the moment. You will have to babysit it, if you're not willing to do that then i wouldn't recommend purchasing it. Just IMO
  4. Were you using LG and depends on your settings and if you've been banned before. I've gone from 1-58 agility using this with LG + lowest mouse speed and running usually 3 hours at a time with 1-2 hours break. I have run one 8 hour session, which wasn't intentional but i have been fine so far.
  5. Rip. 87-97 construction down, received temp ban. Was only doing 3 hours max a day after working hours. Time to manually train, i saw a post up above about reaction timing with butler, definitely worth looking into. Overall, good script Would recommend. I believe what caught me out, was the fact i had stayed home some days and botted during the day, which was 'unusual' for my account.
  6. Hi, I have run this script a year or so ago, and have just started using it again. Last night i ran the script without any issues. This morning, now that i have tried to re-run the script, i am having issues. All the settings are correct and i have even re adjusted the settings. During start up it runs alright and builds the larders, and calls the buttler and takes planks, it then builds around 2 larders and removes them etc. It then stops and sits on "pressing yes" and stays like this until the account logs out from the afk timer. Any suggestions on how to fix and is this happening to anyone else? Thanks
  7. I'll try to watch it and find out. But all I see in the client debug is Thanks for using the script, and script ended. Doesn't have any errors..
  8. Cheers. I've also found that the bot can never run for more than like 2 or 3 hours then the bot just stops.. Can never run it for like 6 hours straight. It seems every time I leave my pc and go out, by the time I come back its stopped itself. Is this also a tribot issue? Or could it be an issue that I'm just using regular tribot client? Should I use looking glass or something?
  9. I've noticed that when the bot is hopping worlds it will sometimes hop to pvp worlds... It also seems that the bot has trouble logging back in and starting back up sometimes after hopping worlds or teleporting from a pker
  10. @Druid If you cannot fix, can you please refund me, i bought this now thinking it was going to work. Cheers.
  11. @Druid. script isnt working, it opens the bank and withdraws but doesnt close the bank to begin fletching, any ideas on how to fix this?
  12. Just for the spastics that dont believe me It sits on this forever lol, i have to force it to start the game, i have my settings above and i have downloaded like 4 new tribot clients lmao.
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