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  1. @Druid If you cannot fix, can you please refund me, i bought this now thinking it was going to work. Cheers.
  2. @Druid. script isnt working, it opens the bank and withdraws but doesnt close the bank to begin fletching, any ideas on how to fix this?
  3. Just for the spastics that dont believe me It sits on this forever lol, i have to force it to start the game, i have my settings above and i have downloaded like 4 new tribot clients lmao.
  4. Because i tend to wait a bit to see if i can fix it before posting.
  5. Hi, Can someone help me out? Bot is not starting the game, it does everything but that. It will run to get potions, correct equipment, buy the game and then investigate the vial and then it just sits there. Here is my setup, please help me Thank you in advance. sits on this.
  6. jaydn1234

    TRiBot Release 9.305_1 - Temporary Patch

    No scripts are working for me atm, whats going on?
  7. jaydn1234

    TRiBot Release 9.305_1 - Temporary Patch

    just wait for tribot to release the patch, they are more than aware its not working 100% at the moment.
  8. jaydn1234

    worth botting without LG

    I have personally never used LG and i've botted on multiple accounts which have never been banned, You just need to be smart about when you're botting, what scripts you are using and how long you're botting.
  9. jaydn1234

    Permaban after 3 hours

    I always bot using the normal client mode and have had no problems, as people have said before, you need to take breaks from botting. Do quests. Join Clan Chats and talk in them randomly. Try use the same computer for the same account. Don't play on two accounts on the same computer at the same time. Use premium scripts with good reviews/anti ban. These are just some ways to minimize being banned or the risk of being 'caught'. I'm sure there are others who will have different opinions or techniques to how they bot but this is working for me. I do not use proxies either.
  10. Can you refund me also please, or what steps can i take to get refunded. As said above, there is an ongoing problem with the way this bot is performing, and i am not the only one who has had issues with it.
  11. Don't buy script, i couldn't run it without having to baby sit it constantly, doesn't even know how to get to rock crabs without running into mansions and spam clicking the lake, running back and forth, had to pause the script and run it to crabs then resume script.
  12. jaydn1234

    Best combat xp/hr script for pures?

    yeah i have used ex NMZ and went from 80 attack and str to 99, and now getting 99 def from 80, havent been banned so its pretty legit.