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  1. Helios-Cloud: Virtual Private Servers (VPS) 3-Day Trials!

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  2. Helios-Cloud: Virtual Private Servers (VPS) 3-Day Trials!

    Bump, some people have ordered trials and are enjoying the service
  3. Helios-Cloud is a brand new start up company offering VPS solutions for your botting needs! We have three options to suit any type of botter whether it's personal, small or large gold farming! As Helios-Cloud is a new company and currently has no performance meters, we are offering free 3-day trials on our basic plan. Signing up with Helios Cloud isn't automatic unfortunately, so we set-up our systems by hand when orders are received. We guarantee a less than 12 hour set-up time until we can automate this process! Choose your plan: How to Order: You can submit an order application to ([email protected]) with the following information: Your name: Your address: Name for VPS: Username for VPS: Plan: VPS Location Preferred: Alternatively, you can add my skype (xrune.force) to speak with me live! -------------------------------- VPS Information: Skype: xrune.force Helios-Cloud highly recommends you try out our 3 day trials before purchasing one of our VPS's! We like to make sure users get a feel for our products before selling them. Contact us today to get started!
  4. I'm just speaking from my own personal experience with TriBot. I've been around TriBot for much longer than my registration date suggests and I've seen this community grow and falter. I feel it's my duty to throw in my opinion when the chance arises. However, I hope I laid out my concerns for TriBot in the present clearly. As great as our future sounds, we cannot let it distract us from the issues we face today. A good community thrives at all times, and receives its updates in addition to a strong core and stability that was already established. The longer you wait on maintaining your current features, the more your communities trust for you will waver. Just take a look at RuneScape 3 for example. Introduced too much to an unstable core, and lost a good chunk of their user base. OSRS is what truly saved Jagex.
  5. You're being arrogant for all the wrong reasons. Yeah, these future features sound amazing, and I can't wait to see them come to fruition, but you have to realize that we are paying customers that not only use your current features on a daily basis, but expect daily maintenance, or at the very least, communication about the maintenance. It frustrates users such as myself to not have a stable or at-all working credit system. I literally cannot use PayPal, or your second option, 'Stripe' to purchase credits. Every time I make an attempt, whether through a brand new IP on a brand new TriBot account, I am smacked with a fraudulent error. I recently just opened a Coinbase account and paid for those fees to only see our option to use BTC go down. Just because there's only a few posts about it on the forums does not mean it's a widespread error. Take in that maybe a lot of people encounter this error and choose to just find something else rather than report it. I know I would after looking at all the site bug reports and not seeing a definitive response to this problem. The lack of news or simple general updates to things like LG and it's inability to hop worlds, re-login after a break, oh but that's right, it's not an advertised feature so it's okay to let that slide, right? Don't get me wrong, I think you're a great owner but your community management skills are lacking. Yes, I've been keeping my eyes on this forum and I see some increased activity from you, but it's almost like this place was abandoned for a little while. I care deeply for TriBot, it's future and it's present. I care about it's community, its programs and it's features. There is no bot out there that can match it, and I greatly respect that. An overhaul is welcome, but in the meantime, it shouldn't kill you to keep supporting the v1 of your LG, and other various parts of your bot. We are still supporting you and paying for them, throw us a bone and we'll continue to bury it. Apologies for the large rant, but I've been getting frustrated with the slip of TriBot lately, but I'll continue to meander on, and read every scrap of news about new updates.
  6. I would be happy if we introduced an "animate" like template for the forums. I find these forums so hard to navigate sometimes, and actually pretty cluttered. Simplify it, and make it more user friendly, and I'm sure we can attract more forum-users.
  7. Is it possible to add back fire/water orbs? I have an account I'm getting to high agility and would like to use the shortcuts in taverly dungeon for the fire orbs
  8. Couldn't you fetch the data from the Geomancy spell in Lunars? I can provide a test account if you want.
  9. |w| Planker [completely re-written 2.0]

    Alright, fair. I'll probably end up writing my own script for it in the future. Just revvin' up to get your construction script, and head for 99 construction in prep for the new POH updates coming out
  10. |w| Planker [completely re-written 2.0]

    Oh wow, sorry I meant the woodcutting guild. The sawmill in the guild is MILES closer than the one in Varrock
  11. |w| Planker [completely re-written 2.0]

    Would you consider adding woodcutting sawmill to this script?
  12. What was the best money making method EVER?

    I remember when that happened, the RuneScape forums exploded haha