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  1. Is it possible to add back fire/water orbs? I have an account I'm getting to high agility and would like to use the shortcuts in taverly dungeon for the fire orbs
  2. Couldn't you fetch the data from the Geomancy spell in Lunars? I can provide a test account if you want.
  3. Norminton

    |w| Planker [completely re-written 2.0]

    Alright, fair. I'll probably end up writing my own script for it in the future. Just revvin' up to get your construction script, and head for 99 construction in prep for the new POH updates coming out
  4. Norminton

    |w| Planker [completely re-written 2.0]

    Oh wow, sorry I meant the woodcutting guild. The sawmill in the guild is MILES closer than the one in Varrock
  5. Norminton

    |w| Planker [completely re-written 2.0]

    Would you consider adding woodcutting sawmill to this script?
  6. Norminton

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    So disabling ABC2 delays worked for alching, however when banking, the script will not re-withdraw your nature runes/item you want to alch (in my case, yew longbow)
  7. Norminton

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    I notice that when the script goes to high alch, it'll click the spell and then wait/hover for about 1-7 seconds before alching and then returning to agility. I was excited about the alching feature but have since turned it off because of it's botlike behavior. Any word on looking into this?
  8. Norminton

    TRiBot Release 9.303_0

    Thanks for fix bae <3
  9. I'd be glad to show you some of these problems too, as I'll watch the bot do a couple trips & I've seen every single issue he's mentioned pop up. You've also received my Skype message about suggestions to improve the scripts speed/remove bot like functions
  10. @erickho123 So I've noticed that sometimes when crafting lava runes, the script will click use Earth Runes -> on the fire altar, but it'll click the altar a couple times resulting in crafting fire runes rather than lava runes. Any chance at having this patched? It kills experience rates, and wastes supplies
  11. Saw you where having a sale and bought 5 auths thinking it would stack as in 2 and a half months but I was mistaken. Can this be fixed? If not, still can't beat the price.
  12. I did, and completely missed the barrows bit, but while going through some of the posts in the thread I discovered that Barrows items do indeed get repaired. So, I've noticed a huge improvement on my kills. This is one of the best scripts I've bought into in a long time, well done Worth
  13. Any recommended gear set-ups? Can this script use Ahrims? (it degrades, so I'm wondering if the script will recognize the degradation) I die sometimes (a lot actually, at least 35-40% of the time) and I'm wondering how I can improve this. My stats are 90+