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  1. When I try to add a proxy in the tribot client it wont safe? Can someone help, so I can add a proxy and bot safe? Thanks!
  2. Hey! I am using your script and I am a fan! I'm currently running 10 suicide bots everyday and it is going well. The script works well, but I think it could be updated and even more efficient to run. Here are some of my ideas: - Do so the script changes worlds, when the feathershop is very low on feathers (Often happens, when you run 10 bots in the same world) - Add a mule function, so the bots after a suddent amount of time trades the botted items to a mule and logs out after. (Would safe a lot of time, when cashing out) - Do so the bot buys 50 instead of 10 feathers at a time (They changed the max amount to right click) Just some of my ideas
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