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  1. No other pieces of it in my bank so not sure then
  2. Good question. Worthy, I noticed that the bot will stop running when Barrows armor degrades past the point it was at when you set up your equipment. Sorry if I missed the solution to this somewhere.
  3. Bought the script yesterday and seems to be working great so far. How much do you guys usually bot per day? I would like to keep this account as long as I can lol
  4. I just got one account banned using either this script or the barrows tunnels script. I had switched from tunnels to this and was using this for about 20 hours then I was banned.
  5. Thanks for making this script man, I haven't used it yet but I will start when you release your new version tonight(?).
  6. Yea it's still 8890. and i noticed it used to deposit every 1-2k but now it doesn't.
  7. Hey man, I am running the alchemy script right now and I have been for the last 9 hours. I have been babysitting it for the last hour or so and noticed that when it gets to right near 10k gold in inventory it keeps trying to alch stuff for awhile until I intervene and make it deposit coins. here is a proggie for you too btw http://imgur.com/XZVc6op
  8. Somehow I died and lost all my pizazz points.. 16k enchantment and 2k tele anyone know how to make this not happen? guess i should have wore a ring of life lol
  9. Do we just download the update from the link you sent us in pm?
  10. i think the switching games after a certain amount of points should be a free feature.
  11. Yes I have encountered some trouble using the auth too, but usually i just have to type it in like 2 or 3 times and it works fine. Also the alchemy one is a little slow, sometimes it talks to one of the enchanted things running around instead of opening the cupboard. Overall though the script is terrific.
  12. can't wait for this to go on sale, hurry up and get scripter rank!