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  1. No other pieces of it in my bank so not sure then
  2. Good question. Worthy, I noticed that the bot will stop running when Barrows armor degrades past the point it was at when you set up your equipment. Sorry if I missed the solution to this somewhere.
  3. Bought the script yesterday and seems to be working great so far. How much do you guys usually bot per day? I would like to keep this account as long as I can lol
  4. Thanks for making this script man, I haven't used it yet but I will start when you release your new version tonight(?).
  5. can't wait for this to go on sale, hurry up and get scripter rank!
  6. Good luck man we will all be impressed if you get it working. Not to mention the money you can make from selling this script.
  7. Fuck all, I looted the chest with max kc about 30 mins ago and got 121 bloods, 312 minds & 37 bolt racks. how many kills is max kill count?
  8. My account is at 2k+ kill count right now, I wonder how much runes and shit I would get from chest if i opened it?
  9. Says the guy who released the spider eggs script for free. I would take what you say with a grain of salt.
  10. Excited for you to release this since I am an avid user of your fightcaves script. I know you don't bullshit with your scripts and you keep them updated.
  11. yes please hurry up and make this lol
  12. I would say no more than 5 people, you wouldn't want the barrows items to crash.