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  1. This script has been phenomenal, at least for me. I achieved 99 fishing using this script i'd say about 5 or 6 times now and still have an active account with over 30 million fishing xp... Thanks @Encoded
  2. Maybe a bit of a stretch, however could you add support for Servery food types from the Mess in Zeah? https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Mess
  3. And people still say LG doesn't make a difference, smh...
  4. Reloz


    It's always nice to see people contribute so don't think you should be worried about it being your first script, it's only improvement from here on.
  5. You must be referring to exNMZ, as this was still free yesterday(v1)
  6. You can rename the file extension, when you are in the directory go to View and select "File name extensions". Rename the .zip to OSBuddy.jar
  7. From personal experience, I too have accomplished high milestones with botting a single account. Though I do not bot as many as 14 hours a day, but a more realistic amount, anywhere between 2-4 hours. I do highly believe LG plays a role in the detection rates, regardless that quite a few people claim otherwise.
  8. If you have java+sdk installed try and rename the .zip/rar file to a .jar extension. Assuming, per default that the extensions aren't visible, this is how you make them appear.
  9. Cool to see a slayer script in progress again, haven't seen a functional one like back in the rsbots age. Hope you continue your work, looks impressive so far!
  10. I havent used tribot since downtime of LG, so I lost my vip-e. I wont get compensation as well as other members who have done the same?
  11. This guy is so dedicated to his scripts, I fucking love it.
  12. Got 99 FM with this, thanks =]
  13. Interesting, I started the bot it went in NMZ I left for about 10 minutes and when I returned all the money in the coffer was gone and it was telling me to deposit more into the coffer. I started the script with 170k available and it was gone in 10 minutes or so. Never had this happen before, but oh well
  14. Or you could ask Prime users in a random streamer channel. I have upgraded 3 of my accounts this way.
  15. Reports flying in is a bit overexagurated, but there is a pattern. I am also fairly sure that Mod Weath sniped the location.
  16. Last location before getting banned?: Clan Wars Bank Skill botted?: Zulrah Slayer Breaks or no? Yes If so how long?: 2hours than break; (30min-1h.) How long did you bot per day? 6hrs. and only just started less than a week. Type of ban?: Perm VPS/VPN/Proxy?: (Yes / No/ Which) No, as I am not a regular botter. Scripts Used? Zulrah Slayer V2 Other Bots Used?: 0 on my main How many bots at a time were being run?: One Date banned?: 04/12/2017 Fresh account/Days acc used?: Main account, 3 years old Other details: I already had 800kc + on my main before I started to try and bot it. Sadly I got banned pretty quickly.. Rip Main account but w/e
  17. Is there anything I am currently doing wrong? Can't seem to get it working, and read the documentation to supposedly get it working.
  18. Could someone explain how to setup Stun-Alching? Currently it is not working for me, I have selected a spell, and below that I activated Combo with High alching and a item. I set my tile and monster and start. Instead in starts running around and that's it. *Edit Seems that the place underneath Wizards Guild just does not work. Any other creature in a open area works.
  19. Might not work as well, but it is worth a shot. Seeing that you are Dutch, it's somewhat easier. Right mouse click on the Tribot_loader and allow it. *this is a example image
  20. Try downloading 32bit version of OSBuddy, might work.
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