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  1. I have a perfect idea for botting on deadman mode but i won't tell it....
  2. Back in the day about half the accounts on the highscores were RiD botters.
  3. not me personally but I would say a third of the crafting 99s in osrs are from bowstring botters...
  4. what the...RiD probably needed some cash so he started goldfarming
  5. the set of actions I would be doing with a mouse recorder would only involve the inventory so I would not have to worry about camera angles
  6. Just think RiD Genesis...that should give you an idea of how long
  7. Sorry I don't know, maybe try windows instead...linux is hard to work with sometimes
  8. sample rsn's: Runecraftingbotslave101 Runecraftingbotmaster3 Zulrahslayingbot Battlestaffbuyingbot myessenceminerformymaintoget99runecrafting
  9. ericho123, you should just sell fresh accounts $1 each
  10. what is your cpu usage when the clients are not open?
  11. No...a random amount of time from the time that Jagex detects you are botting will pass and your account will be banned...usually between a few hours to a few days after detection
  12. What do you mean?
  13. How many clients were you planning to run? What client are you using? What were the accounts doing? What proxies were you using? Where you using vms?
  14. dont use linux
  15. Why dont you add an update that stops bans if your so smart?