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  1. Message me on tribot for details.
  2. I'm trying to buy credits with the same card i've always used on this account but (im guessing) because i've moved countries, it's declining because the system thinks it might be fraudulent. How can this change? Toby
  3. Being a tribot member and having the opportunity to have feedback and reputation is a lot safer to me than PM'ing someone random in game
  4. So... Need a tonne of supplies or prices have suddenly dropped for items you require?... but... trade limit! I was wondering if anyone would think having a little network or a thread where people can request people to buy items from the GE for you. Obviously, it would be at you own risk, but it might be a way to help out some people in the community? I guess to make it worth it for the buyer, in some cases, have a small commission or just a favour return in the future. What do you think?
  5. Thanks man, i've been doing that also! But it's obviously a bit less efficient and wondered whether you could get away with doing it the other way
  6. Well i've botted 12 weekdays including 2 mondays so far
  7. why monday?
  8. @HeyImJamie As you probably have noticed from 90% of my posts, they're all questions regarding answers that just need a little bit of common sense. I'm not used to gfarming, and i'm just going through the stage of constantly challenging my own common sense. So, I get on the forums! Thanks for the advice @rilkarsales I'm currently on 0 bans out of 10 accounts after 2 bonds each with my P2P method. Also, no mules have been banned. Definite proof to me that it can be done! Although... i'm prepared for the day
  9. I'm just pondering on a few things.... Do you think botting accounts in the same world on the same IP will ring Jagex's little bot alert bells? Should I get the mule to follow the bots or the bots to come to the mule? eg. Location, World (when transferring) Am I a complete idiot for botting 8 accounts on 1 IP? (trick question... I already know ) With transferring gold/items, is it better to have several trades to several mules (Incase one gets hit) or is it more likely to attract attention due to MORE TRADES? gracias merci grazie dziękuję thank you
  10. @nlbamf was happening to me last night and haven't been able to load the client since shutting the client down. not sure what's going on
  11. @iFluffee not sure whether this would help at all.... http://imgur.com/wARLo5H
  12. also having the same problems...
  13. Let's get generic. What's it like botting fletching? Obviously, there isn't 1 'specific' location where you HAVE to go to fletch, so Weath wouldnt be able to just swoop the worlds in 1 location? Thoughts?
  14. So you use a very short-term account duration method? What about Combat lvls and quests? Do you do anything to make the account look more human? Also, same passwords for each account?
  15. I've got a few questions to ask regarding the initial set up of all my botting accounts... 1) How do you set up quick, bulk email addresses? And how 'real' do they have to look? 2) Is it ok for several accounts to have the same Password or could that be flagged by Jagex? 3) Is there any precautionary measures you use before starting to bot the certain skills you want to level? 4) any seriously 'rooky error' 'no nos' you could enlighten me on...? Just incase Thanks in advance.