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  1. not recognising any banks...
  2. tobyjones3006

    Account manager - recovery?

    Lesson's learnt. Regularly back up your computer!
  3. tobyjones3006

    TRiBot Release 9.305_5 - Flicker Patch

    my man <3
  4. @Usa was intermittent - i'll keep testing. It was also happening on ExTut but that was also intermittent and sometimes worked. Main concern was the loop going through turning off music and roofs, but that only happened once and I was babysitting
  5. tobyjones3006

    yelp, runescape account creation

    noted, ty
  6. @Usa isn't able to click the 1st instructor, then gets stuck on a loop turning music and roofs off
  7. tobyjones3006

    yelp, runescape account creation

    @YoHoJo thank you
  8. tobyjones3006

    yelp, runescape account creation

    I've been out of the game for a while so don't know of things on a timeline, but it seems Jagex have introduced a pretty good proxy/VPN detection in place for account creation? The page isn't even able to load on any of the VPNs or proxies I currently own... How do farmers currently create accounts easily? Can appreciate privacy, my inbox is open
  9. dropdown list to choose an item is blank for me hmm...
  10. Thank you @Worthy and your 2 hr free trial <3 (Couldn't upload photo via URL for some reason) EDIT: ok i'm retarded - attachment fail v3
  11. @erickho123 Idea for improvements (not sure if this is the best place to raise these) - Make the bot not eat rock cake in the middle of a power surge. Not sure if this is possible, but would definitely be a bit more XP efficient.
  12. tobyjones3006

    Requesting easy Script

    Message me on tribot for details.
  13. tobyjones3006

    Fluffee's Rune Mysteries

    @iFluffee also just happened on 1st door entering wizard's tower. Seems to rush the click and misses and carries on thinking it was opened
  14. tobyjones3006

    Fluffee's Rune Mysteries

    In fact, it was just the 2nd door into wizards tower several times
  15. tobyjones3006

    Fluffee's Rune Mysteries

    Had to babysit a few doors! Other than that, brilliant script! Look forward to seeing any other scripts you create!