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  1. abc2 antiban

    Can you offer a payment option for unlimted auths per month, or 2 weeks, as I am seeking unlimited auths? or PM me
  2. yup also wanted me to tell him my method. lol
  3. oh i was looking at rep oops.
  4. you need 100post count to transfer credits
  5. you need 100post count to transfer credits
  6. type "java" into your start menu or just try downloading,
  7. do you have java installed?
  8. have a look at this, i was having the same issue as you so i started doing them manually its a pain lol
  9. its probably the tutorial script your using jagex has been locking accounts when they get off tutorial instead of banning
  10. haha we all have are moments. atleast there working
  11. try using them in maxathon again to see if they work or contact montreal
  12. didn't know you could filter would also like to know how maybe ill even filter the "omg i got banned with a proxy the client is detectable "
  13. i think it's been more then 2sec
  14. yup same here i started doing tut manually for now
  15. yeah i'm worried.