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  1. HarmedOreIsLeet

    Lectern Script?

    https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2773-gods-tab-maker/ https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/842-usa-tab-maker/ wow looking through the repo was hard!
  2. HarmedOreIsLeet


  3. HarmedOreIsLeet

    TRiBot CLI Client Starter

    working for me thanks a ton delux!
  4. HarmedOreIsLeet

    TRiBot CLI Client Starter

  5. HarmedOreIsLeet

    TRiBot Release 9.306_0 [Firewall Disable]

  6. HarmedOreIsLeet

    [P] [R] Need quote on private script

    Request: Private message meDescription: ^^Payment Amount: idk.Time: sooner the betterAdditional: Hi?.
  7. HarmedOreIsLeet

    Fresh off Tut

    "I still have not found a working method as to what makes my account not get banned before reaching required stats." dude are you serious? the easiest method is to just carry 64 death runes on each account and they NEVER get banned. easy
  8. is this going to be updated for the new ui? @erickho123
  9. HarmedOreIsLeet

    Client issue (scripts not starting)

    nope not using local scripts
  10. HarmedOreIsLeet

    Client issue (scripts not starting)

    if anyone can help me solve this i love you getting this error message: [17:30:05] Starting client. [17:30:11] Script Started: Auto Fisher Pro. [17:30:15] Login bot started. [17:30:15] Login Bot: Login... [17:30:25] Login bot succeeded. [17:30:27] Login bot started. [17:30:27] Login Bot: Login... [17:30:28] Login bot succeeded. [17:31:05] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class org.tribot.api2007.types.RSItem$TYPE [17:31:05] at org.tribot.api2007.types.RSInterface.getItems(sf:655) [17:31:05] at org.tribot.api2007.Inventory.getAll(ze:171) [17:31:05] at obf.he.eD(ik:1217) [17:31:05] at obf.he.mouseClicked(ik:1483) [17:31:05] at obf.Bf.MF(ql:58) [17:31:05] at obf.Bf.run(ql:811) [17:31:05] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [17:31:06] Script Ended: Auto Fisher Pro. this has been happening since the last RS update on all 3 of my PCs to other scripts not just auto fisher pro deleting hook.dat doesn't help i tried many times java versions i tried: 8u102, 8u111, 8u112, 8u144 removed .tribot completely and reinstalled the tribot launcher what else can i try? (windows 10 64bit btw)
  11. Some suggestions: Make it eat food while doing druidic ritual so it doesnt die / take this path? it goes the long way around not really a big deal tho if it had food support Some issues: Only withdrawing 1piece of food at the bank and going to the cave taking damage then going back to the bank for another single piece of food (knights sword bluerite part) https://pastebin.com/1UGJfkq1 Sometimes when its trying to get a blurite ore it will go to safe spot hop worlds and tele away without mining the ore (knights sword) Script in general gets stuck pretty much everywhere spams the chat with path sizes and does nothing/spam clicks the floor script just got the burite ore and ran to pest control bank for no reason only to run back to Thurgo to make the sword also runs to Thurgo the the sword picture without a pickaxe/food would save alot of time if it geared before going
  12. thanks, ....the amount of times i looked at an account and someone was like "WTF!?!?!?!? YOU DISMISED GENIE" lol
  13. HarmedOreIsLeet

    AIO Crying [Pro]

    can i get a refund? my account got banned... wtf i played legit on that account since 2012
  14. HarmedOreIsLeet

    USA Bot Farm Tool

    any news?
  15. The web walking with the restless ghost is pretty messed up idk if its just me it walks back and forth a few times around the fence / Lumby castle before finally getting back to the grave yard I'm not sure if its using your custom web walker but that would probably fix it lol edit: also when doing earnest the chicken in the basement (getting oil can part) when trying to pull leavers/open doors it spam right clicks and misses 3-4times per door/lever usually until player stops moving