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  1. if i win dont even bother sending them to me. I will just refund
  2. use this script on many accounts and also got 99 prayer on my main account thanks homi solid script
  3. nMagic has a progressive setting just make a list like alch yewlongs till out of supplies alch steel plates till out of supplies etc
  4. holy shit you can get banned for botting? im going to turn all my accounts off asap didn't know that was possible. we should start a revolution against Trilez and demand our monkfish and VIP back
  5. I have a way to guarantee a perm bans willing to sell method
  6. G.E restocking and muling support pls also can it do underground pass/roving elfs quest??
  8. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2773-gods-tab-maker/ https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/842-usa-tab-maker/ wow looking through the repo was hard!
  9. nigga lots of people use this client and have many mules with hundreds of mills on each without anything going missing
  10. so... you want to sell something worth around $650-700 for $1500? just go sell it for GP in game then sell the gp to sites lol
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