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  1. online and willing to offer amazing rates come by and check us out online swapping can do 1:5 for 07>rs3 if bulk online swapping can do 1:5 for 07>rs3 if bulk
  2. Could you please make something where we can input a list of accounts to login and do the tutorial on? Ex: We create 10 accounts , put the list 1-10 and start the script, it then does tutorial on the 10 accounts then stops. This would be Amazing
  3. indeed it does! thank you SO much ps: That does work but on the last to final step of tutorial when it has to enter the church to talk to the priest a lot of the time it isn't able to click on the door and the account will just sit there trying to click on the door for a very long time and only gets through if someone opens up the door. would be good if you could fix this one soon because i imagine if a account is sitting there trying to click on a door for a very long time that increases the chance of a ban.
  4. Hey just leaving some feedback would be highly appreciated if you could add these fixes, The tutorial will only work almost flawlessly if you click on the flashing ' inventory ' bag , while it's not a big deal having to click that, having the script be able to properly click it would obviously make it much better. Also the rat range is pretty good, but sometimes it stalls while either trying to find a rat or kill a rat and can stand still for a long time not doing anything. other than that this script is very good and i appreciate it that it is free!
  5. vouch for worthy, have got a private script off him before very pleased with it.
  6. Your better off investing a few bucks in a good alching script that randomizes the clicks and makes you appear less like a bot. A while back in the days while using a standard auto clicker i got up to 99 mage no problem, its not that easy anymore, now if you use a normal auto clicker i'm sure you can get banned very quickly. No point in even bothering
  7. Best of Luck Become Yukosov!
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