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  1. I can verify this. The lack of response from Dax over the issue was why I chose Tri's script over Dax's, despite the appeal of this script (make your own banking basically). I must've spent 10 hrs trying to make one spot work on Linux without getting anything.
  2. @Typ33 Let me tell you why that is a bad idea: Waste of time for Tri (time he could use this time to improve/fix a script if there are problems, do schoolwork, relax, etc). Current paint is fully functional, gives all the information needed, and is already more aesthetically pleasing than I feel necessary. More detailed paint takes more CPU. Quite possible users don't like the paint you want (I don't see why its so 'epic?' In fact, I think the current one is nicer).I personally hide the paint unless I'm checking in on my account (5 minutes/24 hours). If you want to look at some epic pieces of art, I highly recommend this and this to start you off, but I believe that you should just use those as stepping stones to broaden your horizon in the humanities.
  3. @Aropupu is the Worldhopping mode (Hop every X minutes) compatible with the 'Only hop when someone talks' feature (v2)?
  4. does this thiev chests?
  5. @TacoManStan Will world-hopping be a possibility?
  6. Not realistically. Bans are much heavier; even for private methods. Sure, if you're one of the very few people who know how to game the current system, you can. But you're not. Nothing like it was a couple months ago where you could bot whatever pretty much 24/7 as long as you did a few simple tricks. Needs a lot more work now.
  7. 50k/hr Requires members Easily crowded Extremely high ban rate
  8. Surprised anyone fights him when he uses protect prayers. Obviously not bad at what he does, but he's just taking advantage of people who aren't used to using their prayers defensively (PKers code breaker). I wouldn't have wasted my time.
  9. Spams this in Death Plateau 2. Doesn't buy asgarian ale in Death Plateau before talking to Harold 3. Waterfall worked well.
  10. Support. Nothing wrong with making money, and pretending that the vast majority of the other premium scripters (except maybe Aropupu) on this site aren't in it for the money is just naive. Furthermore, while I've never used one of Purple's scripts, he has a good reputation on other sites for both quality and commitment. As long as Purple continues to make and update free scripts I see no reason to punish him for being honest about his motives and making money off of a skill he has learned. However, I would like to point out that I believe the community should be able to have input/vote on who is able to become a premium scripter, as opposed to other premium scripters (such as Assume) who quite obviously have conflicting interests and in many cases no room to talk*. *Lol @ Assume's^ free scripts ^And I'm singling out Assume because his 'free script' selection is a joke, his incredible greediness in attempting to maintain so many premium scripts is a disgrace, yet he is the most outspoken critic of Purple. Interesting. It seems like it's not easy to become a premium scripter, but once you get in you have tenure.
  11. Ughh right?!