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  1. deva

    How do I get/activate scripts?

    Are you using Proxifier and desired proxy from TRiBot client menu or just Proxifier itself?
  2. deva

    How do I get/activate scripts?

    Try disabling firewall in TRiBot settings. Although I'm not sure whether it would have any impact on Proxifier.
  3. deva


    No chance somebody is going to write CLI for that amount. I would rather recommend you to use Deluxes's CMD starter or original client's CLI. You can achieve that easily by executing clients through cmd. That wouldn't be the best idea. Rather use one client per account.
  4. deva

    My first method

    @Yawodo Assuming after rest of the code would be implemented, you won't need to have areas as a fields, just implement them directly into methods or else add keyword static to current fields or create interface with constants. @Override public void run () { //Standard essential code to begin script. if (onStart()) { //Not necessary can be removed but see above 'private boolean onStart' for more info. while (true) { //This is a while loop and will ensure the script loops as long as all conditions are being met. sleep(37); if (isAtNeds()) { // We are at Ned's house. // Time to check what to do. If the inventory is full, we should walk to the bank; Otherwise trade with Ned. if (Inventory.isFull()) { // The inventory is full. walkToBank(); // Let's walk to the bank. } else // The inventory is not full. tradeNed(); // Let's trade with Ned. } else if (isInBank()) { // We are at the bank. // Time to check what to do. If the inventory is full, we should bank the items; Otherwise, we should walk to Ned's house. if (Inventory.isFull()) // The inventory is full. bankRope(); // Let's bank the items. else // The inventory is not full walkToNeds(); // Let's walk to Ned's. } else { // We are neither in the bank, nor at Ned's. // Time to check what to do. If the inventory is full, we will walk to the bank; Otherwise, we will walk to Ned's. if (Inventory.isFull()) // Inventory is full walkToBank(); // Walk to the bank else // Inventory is not full walkToNeds();// Lets walk to Neds. } } } } } I would highly recommend you to have a look and implement Worthy's Node Framework into your script. It would make your script very simple, easy to maintain, read etc. Also rearrange your methods in logic order to make whole script easy to understand.
  5. Game setting number 115 is what you are looking for. It has value either 0 or 1, which represents item or noted. final byte WITHDRAW_NOTE_SETTING_ID = 115, SELECTED_NOTE_BUTTON_ID = 1; if (Game.getSetting(WITHDRAW_NOTE_SETTING_ID) == SELECTED_NOTE_BUTTON_ID) General.println("\"Noted\" button is selected.");
  6. deva

    Checking If Object is Usable?

    DynamicClicking has been implemented into Clicking API, so you can just use Clicking#click method instead. Clicking.click(option, clickable)
  7. deva

    OSRS MAP With Position?

    How's that different?
  8. deva

    Learning to script (complaint, suggestion)

    I wouldn't agree on that 100%.
  9. deva

    Best java version for LG

  10. deva

    Premium vs. Free Script

    Before releasing your open-source script on forums, make sure to write script as best as you can (code and project structure, proper naming), so you can get feedback on important issues, not the ones, that seem obvious.
  11. deva

    checking if object exists

    Explain yourself more understandable.
  12. deva


    Solution for you problem. https://help.tribot.org/support/solutions/articles/36000017499-unable-to-open-tribot-loader-jar For any future problems please use TRiBot's Help Desk, since you can find your solutions much faster than creating topic and waiting for somebody to respond. https://help.tribot.org/support/home
  13. deva

    Banning non stop

    Those are just firewall propmts. You might get these when running script or using proxy for the first time.
  14. @IceKontroI Or open quest journal. Lines are changing almost every time during quest completion. @HeyImJamie Congratulations on releasing quest script. Good luck with Misthalin Mystery though.