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  1. deva

    Setting noted within bank

    Note button child has been changed. final RSInterfaceChild noteButton = Interfaces.get(12, 35);
  2. Download the latest version of daxWalker. https://github.com/itsdax/Runescape-Web-Walker-Engine Unfortunately, you will be getting getting errors, since requests for public key are capped.
  3. deva

    Script Debugging Tutorial

    Is it possible to load client with specified proxy from VM options?
  4. deva

    Get name of variable

    It is possible to get name from enum type.
  5. deva

    TRiBot CLI Client Starter

  6. I cannot get models ID displayed and position is always -1 -1 0.
  7. deva

    TRiBot CLI Client Starter

    That CLI is hell fast. Wow.
  8. deva

    TRiBot CLI Client Starter

    Also does not show proper heapsize as well.
  9. deva

    Get name of variable

    Hello. Is there a simple way to print out name of a variable? LUMBRIDGE = new RSArea(new RSTile[]{new RSTile(3216, 3222, 0), new RSTile(3216, 3216, 0)}); General.println(prints lumbridge); Thanks.
  10. deva

    Is Jagex logging Specific computers?

    Wasu wasu wasu wasu.
  11. Hello. I have been looking through API, but I cannot find function for getting account display name. Would be pleased for some suggestions. Thanks.
  12. deva

    Jagex banning hours

    No, they do not.
  13. deva

    TRiBot CLI Client Starter

    publicstarter.jar has to be located in the same folder as your batch file, or modify your path of publicstarter.jar in batch file if you do not want to have both of them located in the same folder.
  14. deva

    Break handler profile deleted

    @f2ppur3 This is happening for over long time. Create a backup of your break profile and copy into break_profiles folder everytime it gets deleted.
  15. Yes, I have. Problem was I did not Build Project. Thanks @Encoded.