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  1. i bought both of them on accident so i have 30 days vip e and 62 days vip im sure they can refund me the credits man? people make mistakes
  2. Can a mod or admin please help me been nearly 24 hours and i really want to buy the zulrah script i purchased vip and vip-e i only wanted vip-e please??
  3. how did lumbridge tutor hack me??
  4. i havent and now my accounts been hacked wtf?
  5. anyone elses script just messing uop after 1 kill struggling to teleport out or teleport at all
  6. i cant click on the tribot screen on looking glass and when i try yo use script it dosenjt work it clicks wrong places thats on osbuddy
  7. hello i purchased both vip and vip extended can i please get a refund for the vip and keep the vip extended please thankyou i am unable to buy my zulrah script now help please
  8. Error please fix this it won't get me a new task from burthorpe it jut keeps clicking the npc then pressing I need a new assignment and then repeating this step weather it has a task or not help please!!! I've bought it and can't use it at all if I manually get it a task it completes it then revert back to the problem I started with!!!?!!? Please post back to me ASAP or am I setting it up wrong ???? hello ive inboxed added on skype and posted here can someone please help? ive paid for somthing i cant use?
  9. on the first slayer master when it gettinga new task it just keeps pres do nothing instead of getting a task? i wana buy his but its for my obby mauler
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